G&L SB2 pickup size ??

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  1. I have a nice tribute SB2. Does anyone know if the neck pickup is standard P pickup size and shape ? Would a precision pickup fit straight in ? Has anyone actually done this ?

    Measuring up with a tape it looks close, but maybe the rout is not quite long enough. As I said, it's tight !

    And, yes, before a load of you say I won't get any better than the MFD pickup. Well maybe so, then I'll just put it straight back in. I like to tinker though, and wouldn't mind trying out a Model P for example.
  2. craigb

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    Yes - the MFD P is a standard P size. I haven't swapped anything else into a G&L but I have swapped an MFD P into a Fender HMT and Rondo shortscale with no problems.
  3. DrumsAndBass

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    Apr 7, 2011
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    Yes, the model P from Dimarzio is great. I use one too.
  4. That's useful to know. Thanks.

    I guess it's still a tiny possibility that the G&L pickup is slightly smaller than a standard P, meaning the MFD would fit into a P, but possibly not the other way round ? Anyone else actually fitted a P pickup into their SB2 ??
  5. shaboda


    Apr 14, 2002
    Yes when I tried a dimarzio in my sb2 I had to shave the pickguard just a bit to make it fit. But that was my old 3 bolt model I have since put original pickup back in