G&L SB2 trade for Warwick/Spector?

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  1. I have a 96 G&L SB2, Blueburst Premier finish, factory upgraded Schallers and Hipshot Drop D, Birdseye maple neck and board, and the G&L hardcase, all in at least 95+ condition. Will consider doing some sort of a trade for a Warwick (German) or Spector (Czech). The neck must have a 1.5" nut and be of a similar profile to my Warwick Streamer Stage II. Please email me at

  2. Would you sell this outright? Thx.
  3. Actually it's now on ebay, item # 2513674375. If you or anyone here uses the buy it now option I'll also throw in a neoprene comfort strap style Fender strap and strap locks....

    With the options on the bass it is a good buy, as it comes with the:

    hardshell G&L molded case,
    factory upgraded Schaller tuners,
    a Hipshot Drop D tuner,
    Premier blueburst paint,
    birdseye maple neck,
    maple board,

    The upgrades alone are about $350+ .

    Several used SB2's have sold recently on ebay for $600.

    Thanks for your interest....
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    Oct 18, 2002
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    i might have a spector to trade. Gimme some closer pics, a pm telling me how it sounds.