SOLD G&L Tribute Fallout guitar - Sonic Blue w/ gig bag

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    If you're one of the many G&L fans who lurk around here it will not surprise you to learn that this is a very cool, extremely well made guitar for the money. Based on the SC-2 (one of my personal faves), it has a Mustang-like body with a P90 in the neck position and a humbucker at the bridge wired to a push/pull tone pot to split the coil. The result is a Fender-flavored guitar with a tonal range above and beyond the usual Fender palette. Leo would be proud.

    Only selling because I liked it so much I bought a US model and I really don't need a backup. This one has seen very little action. I'd say it's a 9.8/10. If you pulled one off the wall of your local Big Box o' Guitars store it would likely have more wear than this. PLEK'd neck with ridiculous action.

    Will ship in a G&L gig bag (NOT included w/ new models) in great shape with the exception that the two-way zipper of the main compartment only works one way. Lucky for you, the one that doesn't work is missing its pull tab, so no confusion.

    Whole lotta guitar for the money! Check YouTube for reviews.

    $350 shipped (CONUS)
    . Check my feedback. Shoot me questions. PayPal OK.

    IMG_20190426_134810.jpg IMG_20190426_134528_1.jpg IMG_20190426_134753.jpg
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    Oct 31, 2009
    Nice! I have a US model that's a bit older as it does not have the coil splitter. I don't believe I miss it.
    Having had the US and the Tribute, how would you say they compare?
  3. My US model is a slightly different wood (I believe this one is mahogany and the US is basswood, which sounds backwards honestly) and there's a slight tonal difference between the two, I think, but honestly it's very subtle. The pickups are the same between the two models (some US models have an SD at the bridge, but mine had the G&L humbucker stock). Honestly, the color and vibrato arm are the biggest difference. In terms of playability, the Indonesian model with the PLEK'd neck holds its own with the more expensive, custom version quite nicely.

    Thanks for asking!
  4. MasterMonkeyMan

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Amazing the quality of the lesser priced imports these days. Go G&L!!
    GLWS! It's a nice guitar for a sweet price. If I didn't have mine I'd be all over this.