G&L Tribute M-2500 vs L-2500

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  1. I am a G&L fan and am contemplating the addition of a Tribute M-2500 to the family. Just wondering how it compares to its elders. I love the versatility of my L-2500 and am guessing the M-2500 is more modern in sound but am not sure about the other aspects that may differ apart from the electronics. For one thing I love the sound of the L-2500 in passive mode. Can the M-2500 be played in passive mode? Can it get an old school sound as well as the modern sound? Thanks.
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    I owned a 90s L2000 for years, loved it, but wanted a different color. So I sold it and ordered a new L2000 from Gearhounds. Then I watched this video review of the M2000:

    Which made me want an M2000 too. Lol. So now I am getting both.

    Don't know much about the Tribute series but bang for buck can't be beat on a U.S. G&L.
    If you get one, call Erik Taylor at Gearhounds.com, tell him Tim from Omaha sent you. They are running heavy discount promotions all the time and you won't find a better deal on a factory-direct new G&L.
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    The obvious TB answer is you want them both! I've got a bunch of L2500 basses and love what they do. And if I had no other modern active basses I'd have added a M2500, but truth is I've got a bunch of standard active more or less modern basses and an M2500 would just be sort of redundant for me. But for you? You have to decide that.