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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Harpo, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Harpo


    Feb 1, 2001
    Kings Park NY
    Picked up a sweet L-2000 on trade for and boy I missed having on of these little heavy and but what a geat sound I missed owning one since I got rid of my last G&L . I will have give it equal time along with my Stingray5
  2. kirbywrx

    kirbywrx formerly James Hetfield

    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.

    Heh, nice score! Good luck with her!
  3. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000
    i can see jasonbraatz posting just about now on how jealous he is

    Great buy!

  4. pyrohr


    Aug 28, 2001
    Pakistani compound
    Hey Mike, What did you trade for that and when will I see and heart it? :bassist:
  5. MoTown


    Nov 27, 2002
    I really like the G&L 2000 series bass. Congrats on the find!
  6. Harpo


    Feb 1, 2001
    Kings Park NY
    It is one heavy bass but I am used to my SR5 so it not that bad
  7. MoTown


    Nov 27, 2002
    GNL it's a good thing :D

    what type of cords are you all using? I'm trying to record my GnL bass direct through the computer and keep getting this buzz saw sound. I had monster cable for bass a few years ago but the 1/4 jacks were tiny and didn't sit right in the bass. Any suggestions? Here is my G&L2k mixed in with some stuff a guitarist for the Naval Band emailed me today. He told me to think old school and skanky so I put a porno on mute. Aside from the line being all out of sinc and sounding like a bad fak, check out the fatness of that bass. I dug the bass tone in the recording. Maybe it's my headphones. That's with no effects direct and the buzz sound underneath all that computer drum stuff. I have never recorded with this bass before and like what I hear in this track. I would like to get a clear solo track every time now and hope this puppy can do it to it some how some way! That is the difference in Buzzz in the line below as a solo track without drums. I'll post a pic of this bass when I borrow a digital camera tomorrow. It has a nice maple board. Have you all been to the dude pit? They have an all GnL forum and a cool pic of Leo Fender at the top that quotes him saying that these are the best instruments he ever made. How cool is that? Later....

    http://pages.prodigy.net/msanchez_/GNLDIRECTNOEFFECTS.mp3 :meh:

    http://pages.prodigy.net/msanchez_/mattsanchezgnl.mp3 :bawl:
  8. Nice ! I love my L2K !Black , with an Ebony fretboard . Nice P Bass Neck width . (I think) :confused:

    Covered in stickers though.......teenagers , eh ? :rolleyes:
  9. Joelc73

    Joelc73 Supporting Member

    Nov 13, 2000
    New York

    Nice bass. My friend Dean has had one of those for years and it sounds good in every setting. I've heard it in big and small clubs and it always works.

    Good luck with it.

    (HD on edit - this was in a thread by itself, and I think it belongs here. Joel, if I'm wrong, let me know and I'll move your post where it actually belongs.)
  10. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    Nice bass. I'll never get rid of my L-2000!!!! & That's saying ALOT.:bassist:
  11. justBrian


    Apr 19, 2002
    Kansas City, MO
    Pretty! I hope you like it. Here's a pic of mine.
  12. xush


    Jul 4, 2001
    mobile AL
    Nice bass! You can learn a lot about them on the Pit, some real helpful owners there!

    Hot signal, huh? I'm still getting used to that. I have to back off on my ASAT, the volume is so hot. Haven't tried recording with it, but I expect it'll take some adjusting from my usual settings...
  13. Mike A

    Mike A

    Oct 3, 2002
    G&L Rocks my socks off... I'm a fan for life.
  14. Harpo


    Feb 1, 2001
    Kings Park NY
    This is My third G&L I had a Mid Eighties El-Toro
    Fretless Should of never got rid of that and A 99 l-2000 which I got rid of after I got My Stingray5 another big Mistake I like the rosewood board on this L-2000 a little better then on my old one it has a little darker sound then the maple . And on the Stingray5 I perfer the maple.
  15. i want a g&l.

    i just never liked the fender style headstocks. looks like a treble clef.
  16. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Sweet bass, if I do say so myself. :D
  17. Harpo


    Feb 1, 2001
    Kings Park NY
    As I play this L-2000 I find It has a deap dark sound which is great for blues . It is so much diffent
    then my old L-2000
  18. no4mk1


    Feb 21, 2003
    Seattle, WA
    I love my L2K! I also own an ASAT special G@#tar, that sounds like god himself on rhythm (especially when I'm not the one playing it)! :p


  19. MoTown


    Nov 27, 2002
    <img src="http://pages.prodigy.net/msanchez_/g1.jpg">

    <img src="http://pages.prodigy.net/msanchez_/g2.jpg">

    <img src="http://pages.prodigy.net/msanchez_/b1.jpg">
  20. Harpo


    Feb 1, 2001
    Kings Park NY
    I have been playing this L-2000 for a few day while is has great tone and looks great It might be a little heavy for me . I will have to play it for a few more days then decide if it is for me .

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