No longer available G-Lab BC1 2 Channel Boosting Compressor / With buffer option

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Hello TalkBass,
    Up for sale is very, very mint my G-Lab 2 channel boosting compressor.
    I purchased this awesome compressor back in December of last year. Used it few times only to find out that i dont need compression much less TWO of them in one unit. It is a VERY SILENT compressor with a slew of options in order to switch from different levels of compression to straight bypassing buffering. Its a great pedal if you use more than one bass while playing a require a little more control between basses, this pedal will fit that bill perfectly! I only use one main bass.

    Comes with its original box and manual. You will not regret purchasing this comp!

    Kindly asking $120.00 - SHIPPED....

    Thanks TalkBass!

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  2. speyer

    speyer Supporting Member

    Holy smokes! Sweet deal folks. My absolute personal favourite comp of all time... and I’ve tried many. I’d buy this if I didn’t already have one.


    Jun 22, 2008
    Brother Speyer,
    Thank you for the love bro!
    This comp is sadly over looked, perhaps it's because it is manufactured in Poland.
    On the website Ovnilab,

    G-Lab BC-1

    Cyrus gives it a stellar review. He also mentions that the comp being made in Poland probably has an effect of not being popular here in the states.
    I accidentally stumbled upon this comp and I honestly love it, but for what I need, this comp is overkill.
    So it's here for sale so I can purchase a more simpler comp like a Rothwell or Demeter. :)
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