G string from Naked Ladies?

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    tl;dr - Need "modern" string recommendations for a contemporary sound on 90's ply bass.

    I have been playing Innovation Silver Slaps for the last couple of years, with strings set fairly high (10-14mm) for best acoustic volume and boomy projection for that old-timey gut string punch, without too much thought to high notes and fancy playing. Got a chance to play with all around town and really enjoyed the sound and feel of that set. On my ply bass, they're all boom and volume, no subtlety - perfect for those type of gigs. But, after taking a step back to help a startup launch this last year or so, I haven't had time for any musical projects.

    However, I am still afflicted with the bass-madness, so have still been practicing a couple hours a week. I have been recording and listening and playing other basses and I'm BORED with this one-note tone and limited range, both from a playability and musical perspective.

    I want a crazy dramatic change to a much more modern sound with low strings and mwah and growl and stuff. And I need bridge adjusters, so since she will be in the shop anyway...

    When I think of a modern sound, I love Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies), whose tone I would just steal if I could. Does anybody know anything about his strings or setup?

    ... and of course Adam Ben Erza's pizz work. That dude is inspirational.

    ... and I really want to examine this guy's rig (Scott Mulvahill), 'cause he's got a sound I ain't got.

    I'm taking the bass in for the adjusters next week. Does anyone have a string recommendation? I was originally thinking light Zyex or Helocore or something?
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    I can't see the strings on Adam Ben Erza's bass, but from the response that Scott Mulvahill is getting from his bass strings I'd guess they are either Thomastic SuperFlexible Solos or Innovation Polychromes.

    Nice sounds from all. I especially like the integration of the percussion work.

    I'm using SilverSlap E and A under SBW Deluxe D and G... Have thought long and hard about changing to Gamut Red Diamonds, SuperFlexible Solos or Polychromes myself, but I keep coming back to the tone and feel of my mix and I'm staying for now.

    A lot of the tone I'm hearing with the cuts above sound like they could come out of a piezo-amped DB... Not sure if that's how you want to go, but I think you could achieve it.
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    4/4 Spirocore Weich. Bring them down and let them break in. They’ll sound really twangy from the players vantage point at first (them being new, and that you’re used to a dark thumpy string) but they’ll settle in and you’ll have that modern, dynamic sound you want. Have you ever used any gauge of spirocores in the past? There’s a reason why so many players (myself included) use some gauge of spriocore or another. If you like them, you’re good for a years. I do not like the Helicores at all. They are inconsistent and frustrating. If you go synthetic, I would recommend Velvet blue. They sound pretty much exactly like what you’re asking for, but they are really bad arco strings and I don’t think you should delay trying spriocores if you haven’t!

    Lastly, I think using the slow down to push yourself forward as a player and find new sounds is amazing. I went from being a roots guy to a modern guy over the course of decade, and it was worth it. Some advice- practice arco a lot. I never perform with the bow, but a lot of the left hand coaxing I use to get those musical growls, moans, and swells out of my bass pizz comes from my arco technique, partially on the E and A. Have fun! It’s the journey...
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