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Gabe Saporta

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by moxnix9, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. ...Like his stuff on Save The World, Lose The Girl. His tone is different on each song (to me). Oh if you don't know who Gabe Saporta is; he's the bassist of Midtown. His stuff isn't Matt Freeman hard or Mark Hoppus easy which is nice to hear. That album is not just good bass speaking but the whole thing is good. Best track off of Save The World, Lose The Girl is "No Place Like Home" (to me). I think the plus side of Midtown is that they have pop potential but they choose to be small, not midstream, and MORE punk. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows. Any comments on Midtown or Gabe?
  2. acor1016


    Jul 16, 2001
    Midtown is my favorite band of all time, its one of the few cd's I can listen to and actually enjoy every song. Save the World, Lose the Girl is their best cd IMO but the new one is good stuff too. Gabe has some ok lines in both cd's but most of it is nothing special IMO. I really thought they were going to hit it big with their last cd but have been kinda suprised I havent heard them on the radio or anything like that, but like you said, maybe thats a good thing. So at least until the next cd its lookin like Midtown is gonna go on without getting the credit they deserve.

  3. Didn't mention that before, but me too.
  4. Lackey


    May 10, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Gabe Saporta,, hmm

    Sounds like a jock strap to me!!:D
  5. The prime reason of me making this thread is do to the fact that there are so many "Worst" or "Worse" threads about anything lately. So I thought why not tell people who I like? It's no crime.;)
  6. Jerry, Jr.

    Jerry, Jr.

    Jun 7, 2002
    Boston, MA
    I have to admit that I am not familiar with his work. However, cool thread! That's what I'm talking about. I'll have to check out some of his stuff.

    J. Jr.:cool:

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