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Gabute/Kolstein Guarnerius ca. 1997 FS

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by michael hicks12, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. For sale is a Romeo Gabute (also sold under the Kolstein label) circa 1997 Guarnerius design bass. It's a 7/8, with smaller sloping shoulders and wide lower bouts.

    Dimensions are as follows:

    Upper bout: 20"
    Middle bout: 15"
    Lower Bout: 28 1/2"
    Length of Back: 46"
    String Length: 41.5"

    The bass has a warm rich tone. I used it primarily as a jazz instrument, though have had a lot of interest in it from classical players. Many who have played it have commented on its ability to function as a solo bass.

    I currently live outside the U.S., but the bass can be seen and played either at the Eastman school of music, or at the home of bassist and educator Jeff Campbell, in Rochester New York. Ideally the sale will be local; shipping may possibly be arranged.

    Please email me here with questions.

    Sorry, starting price is $13,000

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  2. Please email me for more photos, as I've uploaded the maximum here of two.

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