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Gah. Dead Powerbook.

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Rusty Chainsaw, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. I went to a concert last night, awesome show and all, but I got back to discover that my oh-so-considerate cats had spilled a small amount of drink on my pride and joy, my 17" Powerbook. :eyebrow:

    It was only diet soda, and only a tiny amount, but the machine seems to be dead. I'm going to do the "wait 24 hours for the machine to dry out then try it" thing, but I am well and truly gutted... my entire life and work is on that machine. I'm told Powerbooks are pretty hardy from recovering from small spills, but, if it ends up being necessary, a new logic board will probably set me back about $1000!

    My own fault for leaving a drink next to the computer, I guess... but still...

    Any Apple techies here?
  2. It won't start up at ALL? No chime? If so, you could plug it into another computer via firewire and hold down the "T" key. That starts up your powerbook as a mountable drive. Then, you could at least salvage your information.

    Hmmmm. Have you tried Apple's support site? Knowledge base?

    If you have another computer to access it.. :eyebrow:

    That does seem odd something like that would take down a powerbook or any computer. Good luck.
  3. My fiancee's Powerbook is available, but I can't do the T-key thing as my Powerbook seems to be dead as a doornail and won't power up, even as a mountable drive. Unless there's a trick to this I don't know...
  4. Let me check the Apple site... stand by.
  5. Check out this link:

    I'm assuming you can since you're reading posts here..

    It may be stuff you already know, but it's worth a try. You may try taking the keyboard off and checking the innards to see if anything is gummed up.

    Major bummer... :rollno:
  6. If you have the Applecare warranty, you can take it to a local Apple retail store and let the Genius Bar look at it.
  7. Just taken it apart. It's well and truly fried. :bawl:

    I need to recover the data to a PC, as I will have a PC to use in the meantime, until such time as I can repair/replace the Powerbook. Does anyone know of a utility/driver that can read Mac HFS+ partitions on a PC?