Gail Collins-Pappalardi...Has Died

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    Wasn't it last year she died?

    Some bio's claim she "fled" to Mexico after awhile.......but I also read she was down there taking cancer treatments....
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    Dec 13, 2007
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    Gail (Delta, as she referred to herself) reached out to me through my Pappalardi website while she was still living in Washington state and continued contact after moving to Lakeside Community in Ajijic, Mexico. She said she was leaving the US because at the time the country wasn't liberal enough for her liking. She mentioned in our many email conversations over the years undergoing experimental cancer treatments and always had a positive outlook in dealing with her disease. My last contact from her was in mid-November 2013.
    There is an online newspaper called The Guadalajara Reporter that posts obituaries for all of the expatriated retirees living in Ajijic as it appears a very popular retirement haven. I keep checking to see if Gail's obituary eventually appears there now that the news started coming out at the end of February.

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    I ain't liberal enough to give her a pass for what went down.
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    DITTO!!! + 1000!

    Dan K.
  6. Did you see the transcription for Nantucket Sleighride in bass player mag? If so,what did you think viobass21?
    As for "Delta", maybe she should have served more time but what difference would it have made? Besides, it's not like Felix was a Saint. Of course he didn't deserve to be murdered but his involvement with drugs and other women contributed to the risk factors. Felix was taken prematurely but at least we can be thankful for what he and Gail left behind.
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    Domestic violence is a horrible thing.
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    I don't follow that logic. It's like wearing a hoodie or listening to loud rap music while black can get you shot in Florida.
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    I see your logic exactly.
  10. It was a bad situation that escalated to the worst possible outcome. I'm not happy about it. Felix put out a lot of good energy on the planet while he was on it. Listening to his playing fill the air around me, with it's beautiful full warm tone, feels like part of him is still here.
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    Haven't seen that transcription of Nantucket Sleighride as I tend not buy magazines because I end up collecting them....unread.

    Update: 3/13/14
    However, based on your suggestion and seeing that it was in a current issue (Feb. 2014) of Bass Player, I jumped on the opportunity and snagged multiple copies at a local Guitar Center.
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    Feb 11, 2003

    Can you say KARMA !!!!
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    It was really nice to see them transcribe a Felix song.

    Nice to see that you post here Vio, I've been following your site off and on since 2000 or so.

    We really should start a Felix dedication/fan thread here, seems like a lot of us were influenced by him.
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    Thanks very much. Due to various difficulties with keeping the original Felix Pappalardi Dedication site updated, the site is for now frozen in time as is. It still serves the main purpose of informing anyone interested or influenced by Felix.