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  1. Does anyone have any details about Galactic's bass player's setup? I know he plays an old Fender
    P-bass but what else. The sound he gets on "Late for The Future" is awesome! I want that sound.
  2. Glataicafsf who?
  3. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    ...from the Sept. 2000 issue of Bass Player mag(Cover sez "75 Ways To Get Better Tone").
    This issue covers 'tips/tricks' of numerous players...Robert Mercurio of Galactic is mentioned as such-

    '63 Fender P-bass w/ rosewood fretboard & Dean Markley strings, .045-.105

    First-generation Ampeg SVT + SVT cabinet

    P-bass controls on full
    Amp's 'ultra-high' switch on low, 'midrange' switch in the middle position(800Hz), all other knobs set at 'middle positions'.

    Fingerstyle; picking with 'palm-muting' for McCartney-esque punchy thud; thumb picking for a "nice, fat thump" on slower tunes.

    BTW, there's a website for Galactic in that cd of your's!

    'Sfunny, not too long ago, I was rapping with one of the local bass Yodas(he's kind of a funky R&B-ish player...similiar to a Rocco Prestia. He does have a lot of the older stuff: Pre-CBS Fenders, Hofners, etc + some newer pieces, like the Lakland bass).
    he was lamenting how his band 'leader' wanted only the ACTIVE bass sound in this group. Sez people have gotten spoiled by the 'cleanliness' of electronics...
    Anyway, I was telling him how I was goofing around with my '64 P-bass(modified with Seymour Duncan pickups) & how the thing sounded so 'low-tech' & old really reminded me of the good ol' daze.
    ...& honestly, I bet people would pay good money to cop that tone! ;)

    And how's the somewhat new LIVE Galactic album?
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    Aug 30, 2000
    Knoxville TN
    Yeah - never mind. You never heard of 'em.
    Please don't go to see them. You wouldn't like 'em.