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Gallien-Krueger 1001

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by carl-anton, Oct 9, 2000.

  1. Hi Guys!

    I'm in search for an amp that don't colour the sound me and my bass (StingRay5) produces, but just amplifies it. Untill recently I thought I needed a tube amp because of that fat sound, but since I tried one of Trace Elliots V-types I'm not sure about that anymore. I'd rather like the colour of the sound to be in my hands instead of an amp or cab.
    I tried the GK 1001 the other day, and I think it passes the signal as clean and even as possible. The bass sounded allmost like it does unamplified with no frequencies boosted or cut, and that close to my ideal. Is that also your view on this amp, or is there other amps I should try?

  2. IMO Trace sound is very special, I think that goes with VType aswell. Like it or not. There are other tubeamps out there, try the Ampeg SVT III or the Mesa/Boogie Bass 400+. Both nice tube amps that DONT sound anything like Trace. (in the good way)
  3. The dealers in my town do not at the time have those amps you mentioned, but they got a Koch all-tube and a EBS Fafner, mayby I should try those. I think theres one Ampeg preamp somewhere - would that (if it's tubes) give any hints to the real Ampeg sound?

  4. It might be able to give you a hint.. but it wont be perfect.. sound will also be coloured by the powertubes. I say try out the EBS Fafner.. they seem to be appreciated here at talkbass. I never tried one though, but I know that EBS means good quality gear.
  5. ihixulu

    ihixulu Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2000
    South Shore MA
    Just my $.02 but spend your money on getting as much power in your amp as possible. I was in the same boat as you as far as wanting a pure sound and I went through a bunch of heads and ultimately it came down to the amount of power available. More power == "purer" tone across the volume spectrum. I am not a fan of all tube heads as they do seem to contribute a bit more to the sound than I'd like, particularly at high volumes.

    That said every amp is going to have a certain amount of effect on the sound. The cabs even moreso. I also think it's important to see what it sounds like when it's turned up to your usual playing level, amps do strange things as volume increases.

    I haven't played through that GK head but in general I can't get the tone I like from GK. I prefer SWR. My friend Greg uses GK heads and gets a monster tone out of them, so it is obviously user error on my part.
  6. Thanksalot guys. I'll go try some more amps, but the GK 1001 at 540W should should have enough headroom, don't you think? I'm close to the edge of my Hartke 3500 so I defenitely need more power.
    I was thinking of getting a new 15' cab to go with my Trace 4x10. I've heard good things about Mesa Boogie, and my dealer recommends Trace since I've got one allready. Any suggestions?
  7. gilfarias

    gilfarias Guest

    As an owner of a GK800 and a new GK 1001rb, let me inform you on the following.

    I agree that having more power is critical. However, don't equate an increase in power with a similar incremental increase in volume (dbs). I'm not a techie, so I can't explain it accurately, but due to the way that newer amps are designed, more power does not necessarily equate to a tremendous increase in volume.

    When I first received the GK 1001 from Musician's Friend mail order, I expected a huge increase in volume over my old GK 800 (540 watts vs 300). I noticed only a slight increase in volume. I was told by a GK tech, as well as trusted techs here in Honolulu,that the amp is designed to produce a superior tone over the GK 800 (and it does!); it produces more lows and more highs. However, due to fundemental theories in physics, it takes more power to produce tight sounding ultra lows. So, due to the engineered design of the amp, you end up with superior tone and a just slight increase in volume over the GK800.

    Just my 2 cents. If you want to really have a lot of headroom, consider buying a preamp and power amp type of rig. 500-1,000 watts per channel.

    Bottom line, that can be stressed more strongly, try as many amps out as you can. Buy one after you've really checked them out by playing through them.
  8. White_Knight


    Mar 19, 2000
    Doubling the wattage will only increase the volume by 3db. While you can hear the change, it's not a very large one. To double the volume, you'll need 10 times the power! That means that to double your Hartke 3500, you'd need 3500 watts! Joris's tech posts are very imformative on this aspect - check them out.
  9. Testing all the amps and stuff I realised what your all saying. For instance a 900 watts Warwick isn't that much louder than my old Hartke. Allthough I tested it with a Hughes & Kettner 4x10 and a ditto 2x15 it didn't cut through the music as I expected it to do. Ofcourse its loud, but when the room is filled with the sound of the other guys in the band it doesn't cut through as good as two 4x10's. The punchy sound of 10's are somewhat diminished by the fat boomy sound of the 15's.
    Another thing I found out was that some amps sound louder that others. The Hartke sounds pretty loud compared to say a SWR Bass 350 allthough they are the same rating. I dont't know if thats because the SWR is producing a more hifi-like sound and that needs more power (something with the wider the frequency responce the more power is needed, or...? -guess I better read that Joris-post again!).

    In the end I ended up with choosing the brand I thought sounded best (weird thing to do, eh?! ;)), getting two Goliath 4x10's and a SWR Bass 750. It just sounds killer - and loud, by the way!!!

    Well anyway, thanks to you guys for taking the time to answer my posts. Now I gotta do my homework reading Joris's tech posts so I know excactly whats going on when I hit those fat strings...

  10. I think You are all forgetting that some Heads are equipped to run something other than 1/4" speaker cables to.
    My GK 1000RB comes equipped to run Speakon cables
    which when hooked up are "capable of delivering instantaneous power of 5000 watts"
    So in certain applications Headroom shouldn't even be an issue
  11. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    I cannot comment on the GK, but I'll tell you that I own the EBS Fafner and the EBS 4x10. I tried out a few different rigs before settling on this setup.

    The EBS is a wonderful amp that is all solid state, with a tube placed in the signal path AFTER the preamp. The benefit to this is that you can dial in as much or as little tube warmth as you'd like: if you want ZERO tube warmth, just turn the dial! It's that easy! :D

    Now, for the sound...I wanted my Spector to sound LIKE MY SPECTOR, and I seem to accomplish that when I play through my rig. EBS gear doesn't color the sound that much. I don't know if ANY amp is truly "colorless"...

    Another amp you may try, one that SUPPOSEDLY provides about the least coloration, is the Euphonic Audio i-Amp and one of their cabinets.
  12. maestrox


    Oct 8, 2000
    I have a new iAmp600, and have been able to do direct comparisons between that, a GK400RBII, and Ashdown 500. I can say that the iAmp is the most "neutral" sounding of those three. The Ashdown has a particular "sound", as does the GK to my ears. Of course it's all relative.

    Don't forget about your cabinets. I have an EA, Epifani, and Eden that I switch between. You probably couldn't find three more different sounding cabs. Again, the EA seems most "neutral" to me, with the Epi having much more high end sizzle and aggressive tone, and the Eden has a ton of low-mid broad tones.

    That all being said, I think I need to try an EBS... ;)
  13. I tried the Fafner for three days along with a GK700 should have been the 1001), a Ashdown 200 (should have been the 500) and a SWR Bass 350.
    It quickly ended up with beng a mach between the Fafner and the SWR, and in the end I ended up with choosing the latter.
    Every time i dialed in a tone I liked on the Fafner, it turned out to be almost like the neutral tone of the SWR. I just fell in love with that clear powerfull tone. So I bought SWR!!!

  14. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    That's why so many different companies are able to stay in business;)
  15. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Hmmm...sounds interesting;) Proposing something???:oops:
  16. maestrox


    Oct 8, 2000
    Any amp changes at this point would be done at great personal peril due to an unstable wife with access to sharp cutlery implements...

    Maybe in a week or so.... ;)
  17. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    Since our ears are more sensitive to midrange than highs or lows, the easiest way to make an amp sound "louder" is to have a boost in the midrange between 800-2000 Hz. A lot of speakers and mikes also have mid boosts in their repsonse for this very reason. Another way to goose apparent loudness is to boost around 200-250 Hz, which makes the amp sound "fatter".

    Building these "voicings" into amps is why they have characteristic sounds. For electric bass, few users really want a flat response so amp makers have obliged. A lot of times an amp that is truly flat will be described as "dull" or "sterile".

    I was A/Bing two amps at home a few weeks ago and one sounded "transparent" while the other sounded "dull" so I put them both on the bench and found the "transparent" one actually had a significant boost built into the preamp response at 2 KHz!!! The other amp was flat across the full spectrum, therefore it actually had the truer sound.

    Food for thought!!!
  18. tripwamsley


    Jan 31, 2002
    Sulphur La,
    Trip from GK here. Whilst I would like to take the side of our 1001rb one-hundred percent, I feel that the Glockenklang rigs are very neutral and beautiful sounding. Expensive? Yes. Try and give 'em a try.

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