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Gallien-Krueger 2001RB and NEO 4x12

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Sugarfuzz, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. I am right on the edge of buying this rig but I have a few questions.

    1. Anyone have any experience with this setup and how do they like it? (In terms of quality, reliability, etc...)

    2. Are there any near future GK cabs or amps I should wait for to be released instead?

    3. I assume this is GK's top-of-the-line stuff, correct? I know the amp obviously is, but I was wondering about the NEO cabs.

    4. What kind of connections will I need to buy with it or are they already included?

    I have never bought anything like this before so I just wanted to get some of this answered before I drop $2500+ on equipment. Thanks everyone :)
  2. fatsobasso


    Dec 24, 2005
    Ormond florida
    I wanted to buy the same amp,but they were backordered from the place i wanted to buy them,like 300 dollars off musiciansfriend
    price.So i bought a gk 1001rb2 of wich i already own one,so this will be my backup amp,gk is really good stuff,i have the neo series stuff,very good sounding speakers,but it depends on what sound you like,the neo speakers are very sensitive to active pickups i have found out.I personally always liked mesa boogie cabs,but there to heavy,if you want a light weight setup go with gk neo.
  3. 98dvl


    Jan 31, 2002
    1) Sorry no experience with this set-up (I'm awaiting delivery the 1001RB-II I just got of ebay). I'm still up in the air if I will team it up with a GK Neo 212 or Avatar Neo 212 (leaning towards the Avatar, just because of price)

    2) Don't know how long you're willing to wait, but GK is supposed to be shipping the Fusion 550 (500 watt with real tube pre-amp with 50 watt tweeter amp). They're supposed to be shipping this month, but I don't know if they are or not. There are rumors that there will also be a 1050 version of the same amp.

    3) The 2001RB is the largest amp that GK makes (power wise). It's basically two 1001RBs in one unit... except it has a few other features.

    4) The speakon cables should be included with the cabinet... nothing else should be needed except your bass and instrument cable of course.

    Why are you considering the 2001? That's a LOT of power. Are you planning on playing really large venues? You might want to look into just getting the 1001RB-II for the 412 cab, unless you plan on upgrading to another cab(s) in the future. If it's the overdrive channel that you want, save the extra $1000 (or so) and pick up the GK Diesel Dawg pedal for $150 (or so).

    Also, if you haven't been there already... http://www.rmcaudio.com has the greatest prices on GK stuff (prices so low, you gotta e-mail them to get the quote).
  4. +1 on what 98dvl says.

    The 1001RB-II has an incredible amount of reserve power, almost like it's underrated at 700 WRMS. It is so much more compact than the 2001RB. That might be a deal-maker if you give it some thought.

    Also, RMC Audio is the king of GK prices (shipping included and no tax, except in their home state), although it seems from reports that most other retailers will match them (you likely will have to have the quote from RMC printed out to show them). Just make sure you're getting an amp that wasn't the floor model, and that the tax is taken care of in the offer. Of, course, how quickly you need it is another factor.
  5. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    I used the 2000 RB, the forerunner of the 2001, for a couple years. Bridged mono it put out 1000 watts. It was a great sounding amp and I had no problems with it but it was a bit heavy.

    Unless you need the few extra features of the 2001 and a few hundred more watts, I'd get the 1001. It should drive any cabinet you have to pretty extreme levels without sweating and you'll save some money and a lot of weight.

    I've only tried the GK Neo 12 cabinets and they sound very good. I imagine the 4-12 will really pump out some solid sound.

    GK will probably introduce their new Fusion head with an all tube preamp this month at the NAMM show. I think it will cause quite a stir.
  6. Thanks for all of the info everyone :) If anyone else has anything to add then please do. :bassist:
  7. JanusZarate

    JanusZarate Low End Avenger Supporting Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    Here's my responses:

    1) I use a 2001RB and a Neo 212 + Neo 115 stack - it rocks! The quality is excellent if you're into the GK sound (they're smoother-sounding than the RBH cabinets, but still broad-spectrum and LOUD), plus they have yet to fail me.

    2) Umm... that depends. Like mentioned before, the Fusion 550 is coming out soon (it's the first GK amp with a tube preamp), and there's also a Neo 410 coming. Personally, I'd rather stick to 2x12 or 4x12 cabinets - I prefer their sound and range to that of 4x10 cabinets, overall. The Fusion looks interesting, though I'm already quite satisfied with my 2001RB.

    3) Yeah, they're on the same level of quality as the RBH cabinets, but they have a uniquely different sound. They're cheaper only for two reasons I can think of:

    - Neo cabinets are lighter because of the speakers
    - Neo cabinets are less expensive to build, because of the speakers

    4) If you buy new, any RBH, SBX, or Neo cabinet should come with a 4-conductor Speakon cable (different than the usual 2-conductor Speakon). It's all you need to use GK's Horn Management System (a unique bi-amping setup). You can also use a 1/4" speaker cable or a 2-conductor Speakon if you want (the cabinet will run in Full Range only with either).

    Overall, I doubt you could be disappointed with a 2001RB + Neo 412 setup. I'd have a 412 if it wasn't so impractical in my apartment, and if I had more money to spare.
  8. Lordcliff

    Lordcliff Supporting Member

    May 19, 2006
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    I have a 1001-II with a Neo 412, it's ungodly loud. I can't imagine needing more power, and/or volume. It has a much different sound than my 810sbx though, the low end is rounder, cleaner highs, and....doesn't have that "810" sound, but gets every bit as loud.
    It's also light weight, I can man-handle it into the back of my truck with little problem. It looks pretty snazzy on stage too.
  9. Cool. Now the question is...where in the HECK do I buy this cab? I have called everywhere and noone can order it. I'd like to play it before I order it but it looks like the only way to get it is an internet order through GC or MF. Who has the best price on these?
  10. 98dvl


    Jan 31, 2002

    typically rmcaudio.com has great prices on GK stuff, but I don't see the 412 on their site... You might want to contact them and see if they can get it for you
  11. They can't :(
  12. Got a pic of your rig?? :hyper: :hyper:

    So the NEO speakers are sensitive to active PUs?
    How bad can they get? Or is it just a minor problem?
  13. JanusZarate

    JanusZarate Low End Avenger Supporting Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    ...what? :confused: I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion.

    GK's neo speakers aren't bad at all! I was just pointing out that the Neo 12's have a smooth response and are very full-sounding, which is perfect for rock. That's why I love them.

    I've posted my rig before, but it's changed a bit. I actually downsized recently because I didn't need the intense volume of a two-cab stack. So... I sold off my Neo 115, and now I just have the Neo 212.

    But for your enjoyment... here's a photo of my old rig, just a few weeks ago:


  14. On Monday I placed my order for a 2001RB, 115RBH and 410RBH. It cost $2,550 for all of that, including shipping. Go with rmc audio if you are going to get this. They have incredible prices, $600 cheaper than what Bass Central quoted me.

    Be forewarned though. RMC said that the 2001 has been on back order since August. They told me the wait could be 30+ days. I am majorly bummed but considering their price for the 2001 (about $1,150), it's worth the wait. I keep calling GK trying to get someone who can tell me when they are going to start shipping the 2001. I think it has to do with new standards and those new standards were supposed to be met by last week or something. So, hopefully they'll start shipping them out soon.
  15. The Neo 412 is not on backorder and has not been. If a dealer is telling you they can't get it, it's because they are unwilling to order it. The unit is too large to ship by ups so it's a bit more expensive to ship. If RMC audio won't get it for you, I know Musicians Friend carries it.

    Famous users of the Neo 412 and 2001RB are Duff McKagan, Switchfoot, Soulfly, Avenged Sevenfold, Lacuna Coil, Pillar, P. Diddy's bassist, Curt Smith from Tears for Fears, DOA who plays for Lionel Richie and Janet Jackson, Helmet, Vail Johnson and so on...

    edit - The 2001RB has been on backorder for awhile. The company that builds our transformers has been slow on delivery lately.
  16. The D

    The D

    Oct 13, 2006
    Does the Neo 412 really only weighs 54 lbs? The 212 is 64 lbs. How can the 412 be lighter than the 212 :confused:
  17. RwG


    Mar 24, 2006
    orlando, fl
    you could always order 2 212's from RMC audio. i would think they'll sound the same as the 412. also, in cases where you don't need 4 12's then you can just take 1 cab.
  18. The D

    The D

    Oct 13, 2006
  19. :eek: :eek:

    BTW, you said you didnt need much power and got rid of the 115, yet you still use the 2001RB?? :confused:

    BTW, since this is a GK thread, I wanna ask.
    How come not much people uses the preamp version of the 2001RB? I mean, is it not good or something?
    And what is this tweeter thing? I heard it can be used only on GK cabs. True?
  20. JanusZarate

    JanusZarate Low End Avenger Supporting Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    I figured you might mention that :D

    I don't intend on replacing my head at this point, as I really like both the clean and overdrive channels. No other GK heads have that (all the others are single-channel). I might replace it with a GK Fusion 550 when it comes out, though, as it sounds like it'd be the right kind of hybrid amp for me, and it's two-channel.

    Plus, having two cabs means more volume and power overall, compared to just one cab. I was usually only using one at any given time, as I didn't need all of that for low solo practice levels, or even loud band practice levels. So yeah... I sold one off to benefit another TBer who would actually use it often.

    It's a good preamp, but I think it isn't too popular because the essential part of the GK sound is in the poweramp, not the preamp; the preamp is a great tone-shaping tool, but without a GK poweramp, it likely isn't the sound that the buyer was looking for.

    You're talking about the Horn Management System (HMS), right? Officially speaking, it's a GK-only thing, as GK cabs are the only ones naturally wired to use that system. Basically, HMS is three things:

    - GK amps with HMS (the 700RB, 700RB-II, 1001RB, 1001RB-II, and 2001RB) have two poweramps inside - one for the tweeters, one for the woofers. This allows you to drive up the Boost knob to distort the poweramp for that famous GK growl, without doing that to the tweeters. This is good because tweeters sound bad with distortion, and GK's HMS prevents that.
    - The crossover point is set around 5KHz, and buttons on the front allow you to tweak the frequency cutoffs for the tweeters and woofers.
    - Volume levels for both the tweeters and the woofers are adjustable from the front of the amp, instead of behind the cabs.

    Other cabs can use this system, too, but you have to re-wire them first. Otherwise, you can only run non-GK cabs in Full Range mode with a GK head (which still sounds good, by the way).