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Gallien Krueger Club, share your amp settings

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by butchblack, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. butchblack

    butchblack Life is short. Do good. Find and do what you love.

    Jan 25, 2007
    Waltham Massachusetts
    Phillm47 wrote:

    Some time back I've seen a thread or two with folks sharing their GK amp settings. Maybe "the club" could start a separate thread were users shared their setting, and have these consolidated in one thread.

    Just a thought.

    Great idea. I'll start

    Backline 600

    Overdrive channel on
    Gain 12:00
    level B 2:00

    contour 10:30

    Active eq
    treble 10:00
    Hi mid 11:30
    low mid 11:30
    bass 10:30

    boost 1:00
    master 2:00

    All settings are in 12 hour clock positions
    Adjust output boost and master to how loud you need to be

    The amp was plugged into an Avatar SB112 neo. The bass was a Fernandes Jazz bass clone (passive) on front pickup only treble on full, Brite-flats.

    I was able to get a nice dark but clear tone from this and the overdrive added a bit of a tube warmth sound to it.

  2. fdeck

    fdeck Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 20, 2004
    Madison WI
    HPF Technology LLC
    As per the BL600 review at my website:

    Treble = 10:00
    Hi Mid = 1:00
    Lo Mid = 11:00
    Bass = 9:00
    Contour = Minimum (seven in the morning)

    This is basically flat as measured on a real time analyzer. From this starting point, I adjust to suit.

    Speaker is DIY 1x12 in a rather small box.

    Reason for these settings: I designed the speaker to have a particular tone when driven by a flat amp, and was happy with how it turned out.
  3. Vic Winters

    Vic Winters Supporting Member

    Apr 20, 2006
    Western NY

    OD: Don't use it.

    Treble: 11:30
    Hi Mid: 1:00
    Lo Mid: 1:00
    Bass: 10:00

    Contour: 0

    Boost: 12:00

    I use it as a pre-amp for my Crown MicroTech1200, so Level A is used in place of Master.

    Right now it goes through a Peavey 410TX and a Peavey 1x12, but a pair of GK Neo 2x12s are on the way...
  4. Eddie95Z28

    Eddie95Z28 I play bass Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2003
    Detroit Area, Michigan
    Sure, why not?

    Ibanez SR405
    DR-High beams
    EMG DC40 Neck
    EMG CS40 Bridge
    EMG BQS System Preamp



    Pre-Volume: 12:00

    String bass: OUT (even with my 5-string)
    Contour: Full off
    Presence: Full off

    Treble: 12:30
    Hi-mid: 12:00
    Low-mid: 1:00
    bass: 11:30

    boost: 10:30

    tweeter: usually about a half hour less than woofer
    tweeter high cut: IN
    woofer: depends on how loud I need. :)
    woofer hi cut: IN
  5. illidian


    Jul 2, 2004
    EQ set flat (12:00), and, off.

    Gain at max, active button engaged.
    Boost at two o' clock.
    Master set for volume.
  6. Wow....you guys slipped this thread in when I wasn't looking....hope it takes off !

    Here's one I've been using lately.

    BASS: Lakland 55-02 w/LH3 PU system

    CABS: GK 212NEO

    AMP: GK 1001RB-II

    Volume: 10-11:00

    String bass: IN
    Contour: 10:00
    Presence: 2:00

    Treble: 12:30
    Hi-mid: 12:00
    Low-mid: 1:00
    bass: 12:00

    boost: 10:00
    Tweeter: 1:45
    Woofer 12:00

    tweeter hi cut: IN
    woofer hi cut: IN

    Used this setting to cut though with a pair out-of-control guitarist, classic-rock band practice in a large, high-ceiling, warehouse.
  7. Dirty Dave

    Dirty Dave

    Oct 17, 2004
    Boston, MA
    GK 700RB-II, 115SBX-II, 210SBX-II

    string bass: 4 (out)
    Contour: Off
    Presence: Off
    Boost: 9:00
    Tweeter: 9:00
    Woofer: 3:00
    Tweeter hi cut: on
    Woofer hi-cut: on

    My band plays at a lot of different places so I usually start with a flat EQ and make (hopefully) minor adjustments based on the acoustics of the venue.
  8. Thunder Pulse

    Thunder Pulse

    May 12, 2007
    This is a good thread, but after you list the settings I think you should say something about them, like saying the sound you achieve is similar to a prticular bassist or bass sound on a particular album or whatever.
  9. acleex38


    Jul 28, 2006
    Birdsong basses
    GK 400RB-III
    Eden CMX-112 cab

    Contour: Flat
    Presence: 2:00

    Treble: 12:00
    High-Mid: 12:00
    Low-Mid: 1:30
    Bass: 12:30

    Boost: 11:00

    I'm going for a setting that works well for classic rock covers, jazzier stuff, and fretless and gives me room to make tonal changes with playing adjustments rather than knob adjustments.
  10. Well, after a heart-to-heart pow-wow with the guitarist (two) last night in regards to the practice volume/mix/EQ...This is a new project band, and we're resolving some issues.
    This settings are a revision of the settings I posted earlier. This setting closely resemble those I used when giging with my prior band.

    BASS: Lakland 55-02 w/LH3 PU system - set up as a jazz bass, EQ flat, PU balance centered, rear coil on humbucker

    CABS: GK 212NEO

    AMP: GK 1001RB-II

    Volume: 10-11:00

    String bass: IN
    Contour: 10:00
    Presence: 1:00

    Treble: 12:00
    Hi-mid: 12:00
    Low-mid: 12:00
    bass: 12:00

    boost: 12:00
    Tweeter: 12:00
    Woofer 12:00

    tweeter hi cut: IN
    woofer hi cut: IN

    Using this setting for a variety of classic rock, with a couple of blues numbers and finger funk thrown into the mix. This is again, practicing in a large warehouse with a high ceiling. I'm sure the "String Bass" button will be set to the off position when we play somewhere with a lower ceiling. I'm getting a good, tight, slightly ballsy tone with a decent amount of punch. These setting and the Lakland seem to go well together.
  11. Damn Phil, I have the same rig and those settings on mine are just deadly loud. Must be some mighty powerful guitarists you're up against.
  12. Hey Mr. Bassman

    Those setting were used without PA support, in a LARGE warehouse - might as well be outside, totally open all ways around.

    FWIW, we played an outside lake party yesterday in NE Indiana. Again, no PA support for the bass. We were setup in front of a building with a low overhang, and back wall. Since it was outside, I added the 115NEO cabinet to the 212NEO. Same settings, except I cut the "Volume" control back to 9:15 - 9:30. Yes, it's loud. I look forward to the day the our PA is expanded enough to put the bass in the FOH.

    Most clubs around here have their own PA, so my amp mainly becomes a monitor at that point, and FOH is via a Sansamp BDDI, or MXR M-80, depending upon the bass I'm using. The Lakland get's the Sansamp.

    BTW, liked your myspace page.
  13. amp:GK1001-II
    Contour: off
    Presence: off
    Treble: 11
    Hi-Mid: 11
    Low-Mid: 12

    tweeter: off

  14. Im too lazy to go through and write all that stuff so heres a picture of my settings
    Backline 250 head.
  15. Well, after doing some more "tone searching", I'm really digging these settings, and received compliments on the tone last night at practice. :hyper:

    BASS: Lakland 55-02 w/LH3 PU system - set up as a jazz bass, PU balance centered, rear coil on humbucker. EQ (12:00 flat, 7:00 full cut, 5:00 full boost). Bass 1:30, Mid 12:45, Treble 12:00

    CABS: GK 212NEO

    AMP: GK 1001RB-II

    Volume: 12:00

    String bass: out
    Contour: off
    Presence: 8:30

    Treble: 12:00
    Hi-mid: 12:00
    Low-mid: 1:00
    bass: 12:00

    boost: 9:45
    Tweeter: off
    Woofer 1:30

    tweeter hi cut: IN
    woofer hi cut: Out

    Yep, this was pretty loud, and sounded great at the classic rock band practice. Used similar setting for a jazz fusion project, expect I backed the woofer off to 12:00, and the volume back to about 9:30 - goosed the bass eq on my bass up just a fuzz.
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