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Gallien Krueger GK 2000RB

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mcr23, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. mcr23


    Apr 15, 2010
    Can someone tell me about these things? Thanks!
  2. mcr23


    Apr 15, 2010
    oh, that's effing creative. I already did a bunch of searches, which led me here. Thanks.
  3. I'm more familiar with the 700RB-II and it's more powerful cousin the 1001.

    If you are looking for enough clean power to melt walls and faces, I'll just bet the 2000 would be it.
  4. Boombass76

    Boombass76 Commercial User

    Jul 1, 2008
    BassCollect Blog & Shop (founder)
    The 2000RB is the old model that was discontinued years ago. They replaced it with the 2001RB, which is as powerful, but it sounds very different from its predecessor.

    I owned the 2000RB and played it for almost 10 years before it eventually gave up and died... I loved the sound of it! And to be honest and IMHO, I think the 2001RB was a big step in the wrong direction.

    Oh, one more thing... It's heavy!
  5. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    I used the 2000RB for 4 years live gigging every weekend and sometimes more during the week. Loads of power and the sound was incredible. The sound was very nearly identical to my previous old 400 RB, just way more power.

    I never had one bit of trouble with it. I hear the 2001 RB is an improved amp. I didn't see that the 2000RB needed any improvement. Wonderful amp if you need lots of power. I used to run it bridged into a pair of 8 ohm 1x15 cabs. 1000 watts bridged into 4 ohms. Sometimes I'd use one 8 ohm cabinet and run it bridged also so it was capable of 750 watts into that one speaker. No speaker will stand up to that for long. Luckily I never had to use anywhere near all that power. In fact, that's why I sold it. Too big to lug around when I didn't need all 1000 watts.
  6. Boombass76

    Boombass76 Commercial User

    Jul 1, 2008
    BassCollect Blog & Shop (founder)
    Yeah, I never uderstood why they had to 'improve' it neither... Why try to fix what's more or less perfect (apart from being heavy as h...).

    However, I am glad that I have now seen the light of lighweight Class D amp that also sound amazing! :hyper:

    500 great sounding watts in a 4 lbs. package. Nothing beats that.
  7. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    The 2000RB had a faulty transformer design (and some other nagging problems) and that's why they redesigned to the 2001RB.

    I should know, I had one that blew up and after months and months of GK sitting on the thing on a warranty claim I heard every excuse in the book. Eventually received it back and it crapped out on the very next gig.

    Stay away from the 2000RB in the used market, its a risk. Look for the 2001RB's instead.
  8. Thunder Pulse

    Thunder Pulse

    May 12, 2007
    No offense, but his reply was more creative than your question. "Can someone tell me about these things?" is pretty vague. What do you want to know? Their power specs? If they're reliable? What?

    I did a search too, in the Amps forum only, and found 30+ threads with 2000RB in the title.
  9. Mystic Michael

    Mystic Michael Hip No Ties

    Apr 1, 2004
    New York, NY
    My thoughts exactly. If you can't even be bothered to pose a thoughtful question, you have no right to get p*ssed off at the quality of the replies.

    Grow up already! :eyebrow:

  10. Grooveman1961


    May 8, 2006
    the 2000rb actually has 2 1000rb power amp sections in it. Literally. If you open it up, there they are, 2 1000 power ouput boards. You can run mono, stereo, bridge mode for an astonishing 1000w rms, or biamp using the built in crossover.

    the 2001rb has all that,except the adjustable crossover, plus the addition of a separate 50w amp to drive a tweeter.

    Preamp voicing similar to 800rb.

    So, the 2000 is like an 800rb, on steroids. Instead of a 300w amp and a 100 watt amp, it has 2 500w amps. The 2001, is like a 1001 x2, in the same box

    IMHO, the GK amps are some of the most thouroughly engineered amps on the market today. You can see by their ECO documentation alone that the organization is committed to quality.
  11. Grooveman1961


    May 8, 2006
    I was just double checking the schemo, and I was incorrect, the 2001 has 2 additional amps for the horns. What a beast.

    4 power amps total, with just about every possible output combo.
  12. Grooveman1961


    May 8, 2006
    If Eric has you concerned, I'd be interested in another 2000!
  13. throbgod13


    Mar 26, 2005
    now i want one.. LOL..
  14. andrew

    andrew Supporting Member

    May 20, 2000
    Vancouver BC/Pacific Northwest
    Endorsing Artist: Aguilar Amplification, Spector, Regenerate Guitar Works, Tech 21 NYC
    Is the distortion channel the same in both the 2000RB and 2001RB, or are they voiced differently?
  15. Grooveman1961


    May 8, 2006
    same same i beleive. I'll check the schemos moday just to be sure.

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