No longer available Gallien-Krueger GK MB Fusion 500

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    Apr 28, 2007
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    Works great. Recently refurbished. Weighs only 4.5 lbs so very easy to transport.

    This is an early made-in-china model. I bought it used to be a backup for the newer model that I also own.

    These amps have 2 internal variable-speed fans and I later found out these early models were known for their noisy fans. The newer models are much quieter. So I brought it into my local GK authorized service center here in Denver to see if they could fix the fan-noise. They replaced one of the fans (which he said had bad bearings), replaced all 3 tubes, and cleaned the internal connections.

    I play in church a lot, and the fans were still pretty noisy to the point where people in the congregation would look up when the fans came on. So I recently took it back in and asked them to replace both the fans with new (quieter) ones if possible, which they did. While the fan-noise is now way less than it was originally, it's still not as quiet as I would like, so I'm just gonna try and sell it here and maybe get another new one.

    If you mainly play louder venues, you should have no problems whatsoever. If you also play in quieter settings you might want to save your money and get the newer model.

    Sold as-is. Comes with a power cord but I don't have the manual or the foot-switch (which I never use anyway).

    PM me with any question. Thanks for looking.

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