Gallien Krueger MB 200 Question

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  1. I am in the market for a small lightweight head. I have been reading the threads about the Gallien Krueger MB 200 head and its great tonal capabilities. What my question is the hum/hiss problems I am reading about this head? Is it a problem with the design or a hit and miss with certain heads? Thanks for any info.
  2. I have only owned mine for about a month but I have had no hiss or hum issues with my MB200. It is a USA model if that makes any difference. So I would say it is hit and miss. Great sounding little head! Can't believe how much sound comes from such a small package!
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    I had no his or hum with mine. I owned one for a few months and had no problems at all.

    As discussed in another thread, gh assist and I disagreed on the MB200's headroom and tonal possibilities.
    I think the head is too underpowered for gigs and the tone was just ok.

    Try one out... If it works for you, that is great. The ability to be happy with a $200-ish amp that fits in a gig bag, it super cool.:hyper:
  4. Taking everything posted at face value, it would pretty much have to be a hit or miss thing. It's only my speculation, but personally, I think that the occurrence is higher that the posts would suggest. I think being bothered or being bothered enough to return/posting comments has to do with expectations, experience with different gear and having a cabinet with a tweeter. There's going to be a range of combinations of those factors.
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    Well, I got an early one when they first came out and it hissed. I returned it and was taken care of well by Jason, the Customer Service guy at GK, and I was rewarded with a great unit that is silent and works great. Yeah, a bit of a pain, but sure was worth it.

    I play mine with two 115 cabs with 3015's in them and I must say that it is an impressively loud and toneful set up, but then I am not sure what you call loud. :)