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SOLD Gallien-Krueger MB FUSION 500 Head!! - Excellent+++

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Turlu, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Price:
    For sale a superb condition Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 500 head!!!

    The head has barely any marks on it and I had my technician to change the preamp tubes to NOS 12AX7 which are even more warmer and defined than the original ones. The head sounds superb, weighs next to nothing and you will laugh at your guitarist player when you set up and carry your rig at the gigs. It has plenty of power for even the biggest rigs you can have!!!

    Asking a ridiculous 395$ (US Funds) plus shipping to USA lower 48 or Canada. They currently sell for more than 1100$ brand new here in Canada! Mine is in superb condition and has new tubes in it as well!!

    PM for details or offers. Straight sale only, NO TRADES please. I accept paypal, email money transfers or cash. I can also meet in my direct area or ship the cab really well like I am used to do.

    Check my profile, you can trust my description and how I do business with other TB members.

    Specs as below:

    The Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 500 incorporates the same all-tube preamp of the Fusion 550 and maintains the amazing portability of the MB2-500. The bass amp head delivers 500W at 4 ohms, 350W at 8 ohms, and features an all-tube, 3x12AX7 preamp. The GK MB Fusion head has a 4-band active EQ, variable contour with mid frequency select, and Deep and Bright switches, so you've got total tonal control.

    • 500 watts @ 4 ohms, 350 watts @ 8 ohms
    • All tube preamp (Three 12AX7s)
    • 4-band Active EQ
    • Variable contour with mid frequency select
    • Deep and Bright switch
    • Mute switch
    • Active/passive switch (-14dB)
    • Effects loop
    • Tuner out
    • XLR out with pre/post EQ and ground light
    • 2 Speakon outputs
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
  2. Can't believe this head is still with me!
    Great condition, super low price, great and reliable seller. PM and we can get this Tone monster ( with brand new preamp tubes ! ) out!
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  3. TTT
  4. I’m drooling over this but have to wait to see how much $$$ Santa gives this year
  5. ON HOLD pending payment!
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  6. SOLD.
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