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Gallien Krueger MB112 II: Can it get bottomy?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by alaskaleftybass, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. alaskaleftybass

    alaskaleftybass Will Hanbury, Jr. Supporting Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Sitka, Alaska
    I'm getting ready to buy a much needed bass amp for a new group I'm going to play with. I'm looking at two possibilities, and I'm pretty sure I'm sold on the GK MB112 II but I have a question for you guys already using one. We are not going to be playing loud or in big clubs, but I definitely need a low end thump to my sound.

    I play two fingered, 4/4 rock bass. I like a big bottom end. Will the GK MB112 put out a nice bottom end thump? I know it's only a 12" speaker but I've heard some that thump hard enough that you feel it in your chest!

    I like the weight and the idea that they are manufacturing in the United States. Go GK!

    Thanks in advance for your answers. :bassist:
  2. CL400Peavey

    CL400Peavey Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2011
    Grand Rapids Michigan
    How loud is the group you are playing with? If your drummer is even moderately heavy handed, or your guitarist a little bold with his gain, that single 12 is going to run out of gas. If you have PA support you may be fine on a gig, but I dont see a single full range 12" speaker as anything more than a bed room practice amp.
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  3. To me a 1-12 is fine for acoustic-oriented gigs or for double bass amplification.

    You might be better off looking at the MB115 combo to start with, that has a lot of oomph and has a much better chance of keeping up w/a full band at lower volumes.

    I've played the MB115 and it seems to do fine in somewhat smaller bar band settings if you're not going crazy loud.

    And should that be insufficient down the road (ie larger gigs), snag one of GK's powered extension cabs (115MBP, around $350) and you'll have 2-15s and 400 watts.
  4. gottliver


    Dec 20, 2004
    i had one for a bit. was loud enough and has a di out for more volume. it'll do what you want. pls realize it is assembled in the US. not built.....which means they can import all the parts, most pre assembled, finish off the assembly here and label it as such....given the low price of these don't expect much US labor.
  5. you might be better off with the MB210. In the GK MB line, the 115 will give more bottom than the 12, but the 2 10 will give you even more.
  6. CL400Peavey

    CL400Peavey Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2011
    Grand Rapids Michigan
    The power handling and max SPL of a 210 is very similar to a 115. All things equal I would actually expect the 115 to be a tad louder.
  7. ghiadub

    ghiadub Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2006
    Auburn, CA
    The 210 is 350 watts and can do 500 watts with an extension cab. The 115 is the same wattage as the 112 (200 watts), but can move more air. I have played all of the above and the 210 is definitely louder than the 115. However, the very new MB IIs have the chain out that is compatible with GK's new powered cabs so theoretically you could build a rig to be as loud as you wanted with just the 112 using the powered cabs to add watts and paper as needed.
  8. Yes, the GK MB112 is a great amp. But you may like the GK MB115 a little better because it has a little more bottom end and volume. I’ve been using a GK MB115 for about 2 years for practice, jams, church, bar size room gigs, and it works and sounds great (I plug my Fender P bass straight into my GK MB115 amp). Oh, and load in/setup/load outs only take minutes (really fast) - and I really like that.

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  9. heynorm


    Oct 21, 2010
    Omaha, NE
    I, too, have an MB115, now over two years, used mainly with a P. Recently picked up the MB112ii. The 15 is indeed louder and deeper, but with a SABDDI, the 12 can produce some nice bottom in my classic country band. Tomorrow night I'll line out of the 12 into the 15 playing a blues jam/houseband bar gig. The 15 has held its own in the past, now I'm just splitting/sharing the load between the two. Love 'em both.
  10. scottfeldstein

    scottfeldstein Supporting Member

    Jun 20, 2011
    West Bend, Wisconsin
    A combo amp with a 12" speaker? For playing bass guitar in a rock band with an acoustic drum kit? Where you are particularly interested in bottom end that you can "feel in your chest"?

    I'm searching for a word that begins with "N" and ends with NO.
  11. FWIW, when amps can’t be properly slaved together because they don’t have the necessary jacks, I use a Lehle P-Split Splitter to drive two amps simultaneously. And I haven’t used the Radial BigShot ABY Switcher but it’s cheaper ($) than the Lehle Splitter and I’ve read it works well also. Have fun tomorrow.

  12. alaskaleftybass

    alaskaleftybass Will Hanbury, Jr. Supporting Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Sitka, Alaska
    Hmmmmm .... maybe time to re-evaluate what I'm really wanting. I'll let you guys know... Thanks for the suggestions... even the randy ones lol.... anyone else I'm coming back to read opinions... :)
  13. jimmeyer176


    Oct 2, 2012
    I play a Neo212 and put 350 watts into it, I would hardly call it sufficient for a full band, but we play loud : )
  14. I own the MB 112-2 and have been using it in my bands studio and I think kicks a#@, the driver is breaking in and sounds great with my 5er, It won't be enough with a loud drummer in a larger room, but add the MBP 12 cab and I think it will, Mine is back ordered and I have been told it will be here soon , I'll post a review when it arrives , Hope it is this week ,I have a gig in a room that is perfect for that rig on Sat night.
  15. deltax


    Sep 29, 2012
    I own an mb112 ii and it's plenty loud for practice and noodling around with friends, however if playing with a full on band I have a hard time seeing it keep up given the 12' speaker.
  16. I've gigged with the MB112. It's plenty loud and bassy enough with a moderate volume band. It might not give you that kick in the chest feeling though.
  17. soulman969


    Oct 6, 2011
    I've got one and while it will give you a lot of crisp mid range punch it doesn't have a huge bottom end. Look at the MB 115 or better yet a tc BG250. I demo'd both and decided for a 1x15 I like the BG 250 better and cost wise it's less than an MB 115 and within $25 of an MB 112.

    The MB 112 are great amps as stage monitors and they'll handle rehearsals and medium sized club gigs pretty well. They can get fairly loud but they don't have a chest pounding low end to them.
  18. When the stores begin getting the powered cabs I want to check the 112 with the powered 112. Price-wise that's a small and inexpensive stack and just might sound pretty good.
  19. scottfeldstein

    scottfeldstein Supporting Member

    Jun 20, 2011
    West Bend, Wisconsin
    Would that be any different from an MB200 head and a pair of Neo 12s? I'm having a hard time getting my head around the tradeoffs here.
  20. I have the original version of the MB112. I love the sound, and it gets good thump. I disagree with the guy that said it's a bedroom practice amp, but it's on the small side for real gigging for sure. With PA support I've used it for gigs of 1500 people. Without PA I've done some outdoor picnic type gigs for 70 or so people. It worked, but the volume was at about 2 o'clock. Heck my guitar player kept asking me to turn up, how often does that happen, lol. My next move will probably be an MB500 head and a couple speaker options so I can adapt to each situation.