SOLD Gallien Krueger MB500

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    Putting my GK MB500 up for sale or trade, priced to move for $300 shipped CONUS. This thing is a beast, gotta be the loudest 500 watt micro out there. Two channels, the second is designed to be a boost/dirty (if wanted). Unfortunately, I lent the footswitch to a former bandmate and he "lost it". A simple on/off switch will work, or GK's got them for sale on their store as well.

    Edit: Turns out I have the feet but not original packaging. I will ship securely in a medium sized box.

    For a while I was using this thing as part of a dual amp set-up in a stereo "wet/dry" rig. This amp was my clean amp and I ran my EFX through an Aguilar TH500. That was a killer setup.

    My current band is on in-ears and I'm totally ampless and cabless (much less killer) so my amps are sitting at home doing nothing. The amps were always transported in a ATA rated, foam-lined SKB 3i series case. The GK does have some surface rash on the top (from it's position living under the Aguilar inside the case and at the gig, I guess) which is visible in the pics.

    As far as trades, I'm looking for a lightweight 5 string bass only - no amps, cabs or pedals. My main gigging bass is an Ibanez SR1825 - another SR would be cool. Plus cash on my end as needed. I'd also be open to Fender Standard Jazz or PJ, Lakland Skyline, G&L Tribute, etc. but must be well under 9lbs! I know that's not typical for some of those makes and models, but I've got a neck/back issue that requires a lighter weight bass. Not looking for a high end instrument, but I need a player that looks, sounds and feels good. I've got a boutique 6 string that lives at home and scratches that high-end itch.

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    Apr 15, 2018
    How much would it be in all shipping to China?
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    Aug 3, 2016
    Great price for a great amp! GLWTS!
  4. Sorry, no international shipping.