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Gallien-Krueger MicroBass MB150S (1x12 Combo)

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by Quadzilla, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    SOLD to Ariel (mucho thanks!)!!!!

    $949 Retail and $715 or more at online wholesalers. Stunningly small, compact, portable and loud (for it's size and weight).

    Product info:

    Examples of pricing:


    Mine is a little dustier than this one, but aside from that's it's fine (minor cosmetic scratches, typical wear, 8/10 shape). Loud and GREAT tone! $450 shipped! Be sure to check my steller feedback in the Bass (not double) For Sale Forum.


    MB150S-III/112 :
    It wasn't easy to make a great bass amplifier even better, but Bob Gallien has managed to do just that with the introduction of the MicroBass Series III. A longtime favorite for session bassists such as Leland Sklar, Charlie Haden, Ron Carter and Jimmy Earl, GK's MicroBass remains the industry standard for high quality compact bass amplification in and out of the studio.

    More Details:
    The MB Series III improves on its predecessor with improved signal to noise ratio (-90dB) and much cooler operation. In addition to the ever-popular combo version, this little tone giant is now available as a 150 watt, pocket sized head that can be paired up with the cabinet of your choice. Try it with GK's 112MBX or the brand new Neo 112 or 115 cabinet. With its sturdy welded aluminum chassis, The MicroBass Series III is equally at home on the road, or in the studio.

    MB150S/112 Specifications

    POWER <1% THD: 100W, 150W with Extension Cabinet
    COOLING: Convection
    INPUT SECTION: 1/4" Jack, -14dB Pad and Volume
    VOICING FILTER: Low Cut, Adjustable Contour and High Boost
    EQUALIZER: Active Four-Band
    OUTPUT: Master and Limiter (Switch, Level and LED)
    DIRECT OUT: XLR Pre/Left, XLR Post/Right and Ground Lift.
    PATCHING: Send, Return, Line Out, Aux In and Head Phone.
    SPEAKER OUTPUT: Two 1/4" jacks and Speaker Switch.
    WOOFER: 1xGK-Paragon 12LB150-8 Stamped Frame, 12", 100W Low Resonance Suspension
    CONSTRUCTION: 0.1" Aluminum Chassis, 18 Gauge Steel Grill, Heat Sink Top Cover and Mic Stand Mountable
    WEIGHT: 26 lbs
    DIMENSIONS: 13.75"W x 15.5"H x 8.5"D

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