Gallien Krueger/SWR help

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  1. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    i have found this amp:
    GALLIEN KRUEGER MBS-150 + 210T speaker.
    it's used and the price is 600$ both the head and the 2x10"cabinet.
    can you tell me more about this amp? i liked the sound with my precision and i'm interested. alternative is
    SWR STUDIO 220 AMP head only used at 500$

    help is appreciated

  2. I have a GK MB-150E which I like. It's small and very portable. $600 with the extra cab isn't too bad. I think I'd offer $450 and see if they will come down. Perhaps go to $500. Tell them that the amp has a reputation of being a bit "flakey" - well, it's true - sometimes they will cut-out for no apparent reason... actually, the fix is pretty simple - mine started cutting out then warm - really annoying! GK sold me a set of circuit-diagrams (schematics) for $10, and not only was my repairman able to fix it, but also he did all the ECOs (Engineering Change Orders) to bring it up to spec. Why is the one which you're interested in being sold? Could it be that very problem? Might be a good reason for lowering the price...

    Hope this helps -

    - Wil
  3. Matthias


    May 30, 2000
    Vienna, Austria
    The amp section of the current MB150S-112 combo was also available as seperate head.

    for info on the combo see:
    As far as I know the pre-amp is more or less the same in all G-K amps.

    A clear advantage is it's small size.
    Regarding reliability:
    I have the MB150E-112 for 1.5 years now and never had any problems, even when operating it with an extension cab 'at full blast' (in a R&B band with 4 piece horn section)

  4. SWR 220 for $500???
    Heck! Get an SWR SM 400-S for the same price and twice the power!

    Check this out:
  5. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    yes.... but i live in italy and everything is more expensive. when i see your prices i envy you...

  6. I know alot of old time country players that use the 150 series amps. Sound great with a good P bass. I have never tried one with any sort of active bass or a 5 stringer, but like them, and its impossible to get that much sound and power in such a small package with out spending thousands on a wood's or something in that class