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    May 12, 2002
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    I currently have a GK RBIII 2x10 combo. Would you recommend the 1x15 4ohm cabinet or the 4x10 8ohm cabinet? I play a lot of ska, which involves lots of growl for some songs and a low dub type sound for others. Which of these two cabs is the most versatile?

  2. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
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    How many ohms is the speaker on the combo rated? If it's at 8, then I'd get the 8 ohm cab.
  3. Squidfinger

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    Jan 7, 2004
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    It's unrelated I guess, but

    Good News: 1001RB head arrived yesterday. I've been ampless for a couple months.

    Bad News: There was a storm and the power's been out for 2 whole %$*#ing days!!!!!!! Do I live in America or a third world country? Right now I can't tell. I spent 2 hours this morning looking at it and daydreaming about playing it. :mad: