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Gallien Kruger 1001 rb/Fusion 550

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Cwoods, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Cwoods


    Feb 24, 2017
    Hello everyone,
    I want to start out by saying that I have been creeping around on these forums a lot lately. And while I have read the many posts on this topic there are some things that have not been addressed unless I totally missed them.

    Firstly, my band is getting back together after 10 years. Before we broke up I was using an SWR Mo' bass. Which as most of you know is a 900 watt head if memory serves. I was running it through and SWR 6x10. The problem with this setup is that it was not loud enough nor did it cut through (2 100 watt guitar amps and a heavy handed drummer in a metal band).

    Fast forward to now.... I am looking at getting either the GH 1001 rb or the Fusion 550. I have fallen in love with the GK tone, but want to make sure that I can be heard and that it cuts through the mix.

    Would either of these do what I need them to do? If so should I go with 2 4x10 cabs or 2 2x12 cabs?

    Please bare in mind that not always will we have the luxury of a PA.

    Like I have said I realize there are many threads close to this topic, but the 900 watts of SWR wasn't even close. So for that reason I am posting a more specific question with this post.

    Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. Stranger Danger

    Stranger Danger Feel Like A Stranger Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2010
    If you were using a 900 watt amp with a 610 cab and it wasn't loud enough then there is nothing you can do. Hopefully in the last ten years the guys learned to play at volumes that don't kill people.
  3. blubass


    Aug 3, 2007
    Modesto Ca
    Current: Blackstar, DR strings, Nady. Previous endorsements with: GK, Rotosound, Ernie Ball, Cleartone, EMG, Dean, Dava Picks, Rebel Straps, Dickies
    If 900 watts and a 610 wasn't doing it for you, the only next step is damaging your hearing.

    I'd say you had your eq set terribly wrong, or you had an amp/cab issue. I too, have been in metal bands. A GK 700RBII (540 watts) with an 810 was extremely loud, with plenty of headroom even on non-pa supported gigs with 2 guitars.

    I'm now running a GK 1001RBII (700 watts) or an Ampeg PF500 (500 watts) with an Ampeg 610hlf, and still, either head provides more than enough volume with plenty of headroom, still with no pa support.

    As far as the heads go.... I prefer the Fusion 550, or the MB Fusion 500/800. I'd run those all day with 2x GK 212s.
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  4. Cwoods


    Feb 24, 2017
    Well I went ahead and got the 1001 rb with the neo 4x10. By listening to this setup I now realize that the old setup just plain had no cut at all no matter where I set the eq.

    Yes we were and are a loud band but it's also not like we set everything on 11 and went for it.

    Eventhough I went with the 1001 rb and love it, I'm still wishing I had the chance to try the fusion 550 and the neo 2x12 setup (as the store didn't have either). Is the 550 radically different from the 1001?

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