SOLD Gallien Kruger MB Fusion 800

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    3D7D3ED1-0A9B-41B8-BE67-3A74957105F8.jpeg 9FD93006-7F89-4CC7-8A9B-446E35877D99.jpeg 5411B61B-DBD3-434D-BA50-3DA4F6A7A8CB.jpeg 329BED6E-D442-4EA4-8F46-26B0E6AEFF8F.jpeg
    GK MB Fusion 800 for sale. This amp is super powerful, with punch and warm tube tone, all in a very lightweight package. It is a bit loud for my projects at the moment. It comes with the power cable, footswitch, and the road case pictured. If you are not familiar with all the features check out the Norm Stockton review:
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    Interested! PM sent.
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    Great heads. I love my MB500 and
    it's the size of a book.
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