Gary Corbett, a producer, songwriter, and keyboard player R.I.P.

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    Gary Corbett, a producer, songwriter, and keyboard player best known for co-writing “She Bop,” a Top 5 single for Cyndi Lauper in 1984, and his touring work with KISS and Cinderella, died yesterday (July 14, 2021). Corbett, believed to be 62 years old, died after a battle with lung cancer, one day before his birthday.

    Corbett grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and began taking piano lessons at age four. By the time he was ten years old, he was earning money playing private parties on weekends. After graduating from high school, he was part of Ian Hunter’s touring band.

    Several years later, he enjoyed his first significant success, co-writing “She Bop” with Lauper and several others. The #3 pop hit was one of four Top 5 singles on her 1983 debut, She’s So Unusual, which has sold a reported 16 million copies worldwide.

    With his first royalty check, Corbett bought a Yamaha DX7, and an Apple IIe home computer, complete with MIDI interface. Being one of the “first kids on the block” with these amazing new tools, he quickly became one of New York’s busiest keyboard player/programmers. After a few years of working in many of New York’s studios, he was finishing a project at Electric Lady Studios. During a break, a casual conversation with a fellow keyboardist led him to being hired for Lou Gramm’s debut solo tour. Before that tour was done, Corbett was asked to go out on the next KISS tour (1987’s “Crazy Nights”) to play keyboards. In between KISS tours, he toured and recorded with many other artists, serving as musical director for Debbie Gibson and Taylor Dayne. In the beginning of 1991 joined up with Cinderella, for their “Heartbreak Station” tour.

    Amidst other work, Corbett continued to tour with Cinderella.
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