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GAS again... Heads

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Cúl-Báire, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Well it's struck again... Since I am upgrading my stuffed hartke 210XL cab with Dalta10's, and building a 1x12" to go under it I figured I want abit more power to run it as well- might as well go the whole hog :rolleyes: . I mean I like the tone of my GK RB400 III, but I dont love it as such, it's clean- loud and not much else really.

    So I have been studying away over heads, and speaker combinations... The 2x10" will be rated at 700w (350w each) and the 1x12 will be 400w. The Cabs are 8ohm each, so the head will be running at 4ohm. I want to try and push 250w or there abouts through each of the cabs... So I have been looking at a few options around certain price points in Australia, 1500AUD to 2500AUD. they are listed bellow... In retial prces or pretty close to retail... SO there is room to move in terms of trade in, and deals.

    Aguilar - Dont Know... But Tryed and liked.
    Ampeg SVT 3 PPro - $2350
    Ashdown ABM 500RC- $2400
    Ashdown AMB 300 - $1800
    ASHdown RPM1 Evo II- $1525 +power amp
    EDEN WT550 - $2250
    SWR 350X- $1850
    SWR 550X- $2300

    Well the final say is upto me ovbiously, But I was just wondering which head offers more options for my money in teams of tonal veriations, features and such ? Relaiability is important also...

    Personally I love the Ashdown sound, the RPM1 and Power amp option gives me pretty much unlimited power. I also love the SWR sound but feel the 350X isnt really upto the task... Eden has been raved about here, but I have never played one, nore have I played an Ampeg. I will though :)

    Any opinions, no goes and such?... For the record, I play every thing really- I like U2, play alot of rock, and do abit of recording using jazzish lines. Basicly I am after some nice tonal vearyation. Not really into Distortion, I can use pedals for that, But after some nice warmth...

  2. I play through an SVT-3pro- I like it. Very warm, can get a bit of distortion(maybe a lot; I never tried)& quite loud through an Ampeg PR-410hlf.
    I had an older SWR-350(not the 350X)- I was always turning up everything & still not getting enough volume /cut through. I went w/an SWR 750 later w/much the same experience; louder, but I got lost fighting one guitarist & drums.
    I tend to like semi-vintage tone- Fender, tubes & broken-in roundwound stainless steel strings. Think mid-to-late 70's R&B & Soul, & a bit of Funk & Gospel.
    Edit:I also like U-2, particularly old stuff- Boy, Unforgettable fire. Great bass tone.
  3. In that range the Aguilar you tried was probably an AG 500 or AG 500SC. They both rock, I've been gigging my 500 SC for 2 and a half weeks now (~5 gigs). It's really clear and punchy.
  4. The Aggie, was the AG 500, dual chanell amp- it was quiet awesome, but I dont know the retail. It's one I will definatly be playing again...

  5. The only one of those heads that I'e played is the 3-Pro, which is also the head that I own. I personally love it. The EQ is really nice and other features including lo and hi boost buttons and all the other thingie doos are conveniant. I get a really good sound out of it through a 610 and a fender US jazz deluxe. Of course realistically I don't have much to compare it to but it's doing everything that I want it to.
  6. Any input is good input in my opinion- I have been looknig at the Ampeg abit, well thinking about it anyways. 450w at 4ohms seems to be a good number too and they can be found cheap on ebay sometimes :)

    I often see Ampeg's combind with Fender P/J Basses as Profesional/Semi pro, gig rigs- So they cant be half bad. Never personally been a fan of Ampeg- especially their heavy ass cabs... Although I do admit only ever playing a small combo from them.

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