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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by michaelwayneharwood, Jan 12, 2015.

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    This may be a silly question, but... I have seen the GAS acronym quite often on the TB forums - is their an accepted acronym for builders that find themselves obsessing about building a new instrument, or acquiring wood, etc?
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    I haven't seen one, but this syndrome is quite common it seems. In addition to the instruments I have in progress, I have wood sets and hardware for 3 acoustic guitars, 1 acoustic bass, 1 archtop guitar, 1 electric bass and 4 electric guitars.
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  3. We get it worse because of all the tools, jigs, raw materials and parts piles!

    Plus when you can make/build it yourself, you can do it a lot cheaper, so it's not like you are wasting a lot of money.
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    one day....
    Plain old Obsessive Need...
    I used to have a word.
    Seething Motivation
    not quite what it was....
    I caught it for speaker cabinets, now I'm freaking swamped with them.
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  5. I always think, if you do a good job and find down the track that you don't need it, you can always sell it on and get your money back. Done that with 2 projects so far. But yeah, I'm trying to rein in crazy ideas for things I'll never use more than a few times. I've half an idea to build a single PU blues guitar, a tenor guitar, another shortscale 5 string, some superlight P basses, another med scale 6 string... and I have hundreds of dollars of parts and timber waiting for a 6 string project that got stalled by idiots 2 years back... Hmm. No, coz I'm not hooked. :rollno:

    Don't even me started on car related projects... turbo header, efi setup, oldschool racing seat, wood rimmed steering wheel, offroad racing buggy... etc. Oh man. :eek:
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