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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Oysterman, Jan 2, 2001.

  1. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    HELP ME! I have never before encountered such serious GAS problems as I have now!

    There are two basses that I wish to possess more than anyone else: The F BN5 and the Spector NS5CRFM. Considering that the Spector is around half the dough of the F, I yesterday sat and read every Spector-related post on this board, downloaded MP3s just because the bass player had a Spector, looked at Spector's website and my bank accounts over and over. I figured the GAS would all be gone tomorrow, when I have had a good night's sleep and come to my senses, but HELL NO! The GAS is just as immense as yesterday.

    Strange thing is, I know that the Spector definitely is NOT my perfect bass! Without even playing one, I have issues with it. The bridge seems like a mess, no separate battery cavity (I hate screwdrivers), strap button is funnily placed (I like my bass somewhat tilted but that seems hard to accomplish), and most important of all - the string spacing is far too narrow! But you know, if I can't cope with the spacing, I'd settle with a four-string. My urge for this bass is that big.

    So please, help me save my wallet! Tell me that the Spector is a bad choice, that it sounds bad, looks awful, plays like crap, paint comes off if you breathe on it or whatever... I need to be brought down to Earth!
  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    You/I/We need to make a distintion between lust and love, want and need. I am talking about basses :) If the sight of a Spector does it for you then download wallpaper screensavers and order some brochures and posters. If you seriously think that it will add to your armoury, save up the money, work overtime, get a paper round whatever, give up beer cinema theatre eating out, whatever.

    I really like the look of a Lakland (they play ok too) However the pragmatist in me says that my Stingray is a most excellent bass and I'm being tempted by the flame tops. A good look at the website and I'm cured.

  3. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    All-in-all, I can't help you...I think you should go play one until your fingers bleed. Play with a strap. Play to your heart's content. Then, save, save, and save some more. You'll never be disappointed!;)
  4. Dave Siff

    Dave Siff Supporting Member

    Hey Oysterman, I hate to tell you this, but someone is selling a Spector NS5CRFM on bassgear.com. I don't know the guy or have any interest in helping him sell his bass.. just passing it along!
  5. Thumper


    Mar 22, 2000
    Syracuse Ut
    I have the same problem, except I wanted, and bought a F BN5 Studio in ceruse green which should be here tomorrow. Having it as a screen saver didn't help, in fact the last 2 screen savers I had, I bought. Seeing them every day made my lust even worse. My GAS is so bad, I even feel guilty about buying the Fbass. This year, I bought 2 Laklands, a Roscoe, and an Fbass, and there are still 2 more basses I want. I am sick and need help.
  6. Jazzbassman23


    Apr 20, 2000
    My wife bought me a new Stingray 4 for Christmas, and it now has become my main bass. In the last year I've bought a Warmoth P w/MM pu and Jazz neck, a beautiful bass, a Yamaha TRB5, and an Ashbory (wife got me that for our anniversary). You'd think I'd be content with my arsenal which also includes an MIA Jazz and an Ibanez P/J fretless. But no! I still have GAS. Call it what you will; lust, love. Now though, I'm lusting after low priced axes that look like they'd be fun to pull out every once in a while. Epiphone Thuderbird, used G&L L2000, or even an L1000, MIM P-bass, Epiphone Flying V, or Epi EBO. Hell, I even started following Gibson Rippers on eBay. HELP! Is there any hope for me? I'm sick.
  7. I have two CR Spector 5 strings. The brass bridge is no problem at all. In fact, they help in the resonation and sustaining of the notes. The location of the strap buttons aren't out of the ordinary and neither is the string spacing of the 5's (.66" at the bridge). The tone is what you expect from Spector. In fact, 2 years ago I took a few bass lessons from Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and he was extremely impressed with these basses (in case you want a "pros" point of view) You can buy a 5 string for a limited time price of $999.95 at http://www.musiciansfriend.com (The 4's are selling for $1399.95). You'll be glad you did!!!

    [Edited by Mr. Dead on 01-02-2001 at 02:13 PM]
  8. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    Is this a serious question? How much does that Spector cost, over a grand, right? Ask yourself why you would dump that much dough on a bass that is NOT perfect rather than save some more money to buy a bass that IS.

    I finally broke the habit myself after some years of buying stuff I really had no NEED for and wasting thousands of dollars. I ask this question now: can I use the new gear on most if not all of my gigs? If the answer is NO I don't open my wallet anymore.

    Amazing how often the answer IS no, too :)

  9. Oysterman
    Wow, you've got it bad!
    You've not made a very good case for WHY you want the Spector, but that's not really important, we all know the burning of bad GAS. Perhaps an alternative is in order.
    The low end Spectors offer some of the feature of the "real" ones such as distinctie sound and wicked playability. I've even seen an NS2000 that has the P/J pup configuration rather than the standard humbuckers. Also I think the NS2000 neck width is a bit greater than other Spectors.
    I know this isn't what you're interested in, but for a few hundred you can capture some of the essense of a Spector and still perhaps afford the F.
  10. Ask yourself why you would dump that much dough on a bass that is NOT perfect rather than save some more money to buy a bass that IS.

    Was either bass even tried out yet? You wouldn't know if EITHER basss is perfect unless you tried them both out. You then find the best price if you decide to buy. Pictures may be worth a thousand words but they're inconclusive in the ultimate buying decision. As I said, I own two CR 5 strings and have played the F Bass. The F Bass is a great bass but personally, I wouldn't trade my Spectors for the F bass. The fretless is where the F Bass shines IMO.

    [Edited by Mr. Dead on 01-02-2001 at 02:41 PM]
  11. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Thanks a bunch for your replies, they're appreciated a lot! :)

    The reasons that I feel so much for the CR Spector are
    * Wonderful and useable tone
    * Gorgeous looks
    * Superb quality (they say)
    * I can afford one (i.e. after a summer's worth of full-time work)

    The reasons I hesitate are
    * String spacing? (I could settle with a 4 but damn, I would miss the B!)
    * Neck feel? (just chunky or too chunky?)
    * Neck-through? (I actually prefer bolt-ons)

    No, I have not tried one out, but I will some time. I bought my "Yammerhammer" TRB without playing it, and I guess I was lucky that time - I just happen to like it. It's sad though, it took just two months from the purchase of that bass until my next immense GAS attack was a fact (this one!).
    (When it comes to basses, I guess I'll never be satisfied. Maybe it's too early to say, but the tendencies are clear.)

    The Yamaha was a lucky shot, now I really think I have to try a model before I buy one - even if I'm making a store owner pissed off because he goes through a lot of trouble and bring one in and I am rude enough not to like it and pay for it (yes, there ARE shopkeepers with this attitude). I'm not buying a used one, or from Musician's Friend or anywhere else until I've played one.

    What am I saying here? Holy cow, I guess I've come to my senses anyway. A bit, at least.

    Brianrost: The perfect bass for me would have to be custom-made, and unless I win a lottery or rob a bank, I won't afford one in say, ten years. If I bought a Spector, could I use it all the time, on every gig? I don't know for sure, I'm not a pro (yet ;) ) but I mostly play rock music (and its related species), so a YES is close at hand...

    Blipndub: I thought of a cheaper model too, but for my next purchase I would like something top-notch, and feel that it really is a great instrument I'm holding in my hands.

    My GAS is eased (but not gone, oh no :) ) and I am more reasonable now. I will make that call to the distributor in a while (Maybe even visit them? Their office is like 5 km from my residence.), then I'll just see what becomes of it. Thanks again, I see I'm not the only with this wicked materialistic illness. :)

    [Edited by Oysterman on 01-02-2001 at 04:28 PM]
  12. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000
    hey oysterman,

    don't get the Spector! I read they put some Uranium 277 in the tunning pegs for extra rigidity! tune it and u'll grow some extra pair of hands (might be useful if you want to lay some drum and bass grooves or play JT's double neck Conklin).

    just kidding of course, I'm sure the Spectors are great basses, but just ask yourself, won't you be sorry in "the morning after"?? you will no longer feel lust for the spector visual appereance but you will want the F's sound, playability, qulity etc even more than ever, and you might even hate yourself for rushing in, and then you realize you have a bass you just don't want to play but at one point in history you wanted to own because your girlfriend gets horny when you strap the curvy and sexy spector ;-)

    I say try the F-bass, if it's for you, you will no longer want a Spector anymore. also give a shot for the Spector or if you want a bass comparable to the F-bass, try the American Spectors.

    if you don't like either after you try but still want the spector shape, try a Warwick Streamer Stage I or II, they got a sound quite different from both your candidates.

    [Edited by air_leech on 01-02-2001 at 04:34 PM]
  13. Oysterman,
    I can't tell you enough times but be sure to try the Spector out before making another purchase (same for the F Bass or any other for that matter). I own a USA Spector 4 string (w/ 9 volt EMG electronics) as well as the CR fives and I can tell you that the tone of the CRs are right on with the much costlier USA Spectors. If anyone tells you that the CRs are crap then they are full of it. They will hang with basses costing much, much more. I have average size hands and fingers and the "chunky" neck as you describe does not hinder my playing at all. Slap playing is not my greatest forte and I can even get around it with the string spacing on the Spector. Yeah, they look great and I'll agree with you on that but the tone is to die for. I wrote a bass review column for a local musicians magazine so I had the chance to play a lot of pricey basses (Smith, Alembic, Fodera, etc. and yes, F Bass) and although I found some basses that were comparable in tone quality (they all cost much more) I didn't play anything that sounded or played better than the CR Spector fives!!!
  14. GAS...hell yeah... Conklin, Warrior, Carl Thompson & Jerzy Drozd...that is my GAS.

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