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Gator 4-space roller rack with power conditioner

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Wilbyman, May 2, 2004.

  1. Wilbyman


    Sep 10, 2003
    Parkersburg, WV

    I just won this on ebay about ten minutes ago, but I don't think I need it.


    It seemed like too good a deal to pass up, but seeing as how I don't really have all the stuff to fill it, I probably should have passed.

    Anyway, I'll pass the savings on to someone else sell it for 100.00 plus shipping (to be shipped as soon as it gets to me, which should be right quick seeing as how the seller is one state over!).

  2. Mario Lewis

    Mario Lewis Supporting Member

    Jul 6, 2001
    Clinton, MD
    I have one of those racks and one of the things I didn't see in the description was that the lids have locks on them allowing you to prevent unauthorized access!! A nice feature!

    Be sure to get the keys!
  3. Wilbyman


    Sep 10, 2003
    Parkersburg, WV
    bumped. This is a kicking deal for anyone neeeding a 4 spacer!

    PS, I have a tracking number and will have it tomorrow.
  4. atldeadhead


    Jun 17, 2002
    PM sent.
  5. Wilbyman


    Sep 10, 2003
    Parkersburg, WV
  6. markusfl


    Apr 14, 2004
    Fort Myers, FL
  7. Wilbyman


    Sep 10, 2003
    Parkersburg, WV
    Where I put "sold" and "thanks"