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Gator 4L moulded 19" rack case

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by TDP333, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. TDP333


    Jan 10, 2013
    I've got a Gator 4L deep rack unit for sale, after kitting-out a friend's studio recently I found we had ordered one to many of these. They are good road worthy rack cases, I use one to hold a PJB Bassbuddy, GK MB200, MBFusion and a Samson power conditioner in my own rig.

    This is one of the deep models so you can actually mount shallower units in the front and rear of the unit, with space in between to wire them up.

    Product specs:

    2 Side
    4 Twist

    Interior Dimensions:

    Interior Length: 419mm
    Interior Width: 483mm
    Interior Height: 178mm

    Rack Dimensions:

    Rackable Depth (to rear lid): 489mm
    Rack Units: 4
    Exterior Dimensions
    Exterior Length: 578mm
    Exterior Width: 546mm
    Exterior Height: 241mm
    Exterior Weight: 5.90 kilograms

    Shipping Dimensions:

    Exterior Length: 584mm
    Exterior Width: 559mm
    Exterior Height: 279mm
    Exterior Weight: 5.90 kilograms
    Molded PE Rack Case; Front, Rear Rails; 4U; 19" Deep

    Lightweight polyethylene construction
    Threaded, field replaceable 7mm zinc-plated steel rack rails
    Front & rear rack rails
    Heavy-duty twist latches
    Comfortable recessed side handles
    19.25" rackable depth

    The cases we ordered all came with locks on the front and back lids, but no keys. I think this may be because Gator are phasing out the locks and these are some units from the cross-over period. We didn't need locks anyway, but if you did it probably wouldn't be to much trouble to swap out the lock drums for a set with keys, a locksmith or handyman is probably the way to go.

    These cases retail for between £70-£100, I think Thomann is the cheapest in the EU, I will be selling this new case boxed and with 'Gator Bites' rack screws, for £55.

    Let me know where you are and we can discuss courier options and quotes.

    Thanks for checking out the listing!


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  2. TDP333


    Jan 10, 2013
    some more pics

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  3. TDP333


    Jan 10, 2013