SOLD Gator Pro-Go Dual Bass Gig Bag / Local Pick Up DC / NOVA Area

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    Gator Pro-Go Gig Bag - Probably the best bass gig bag on the market! If this one fell down a flight of stairs, I would'nt even worry about it. I'm only selling it because its a little too long to fit in the trunk of my car, without forcing the edges in. The bag is super clean, I've only used it about 7 times. 3 of those being to church. All smoke free, environments. The only issue.... The nickel tuning machines and strap buttons on one of my old Fenders has lightly stained the white interior (not sure why they used white anyway....). I wiped it with a microfiber cloth, but did not want to use a chemical to clean it, to make sure the chemical did not react with any woods or gold plating on my Devon basses... or on your bass, if you purchase it :) I will be going back to the MONO case, which is less protective, but does fit in the trunk of my ride. Which gives me peace of mind on away travel gigs.

    I am in the Northern Virginia / Washington DC area - Your PayPal payment guarantees a meeting arrangement within 40 miles or so. The shipping cost would put it back in the category of a new case, less tax. No Current Trade Interest.

    Info from Gator site: Dual Bass Guitar Gig Bag-G-PG BASS 2X - Gator Cases

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    Arrrgh! I just bought one of these. Before I buy anything else new I should ask you what else you’re considering selling! :D
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