Gauges for C-Tuning (C,F,A#,D#)

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  1. Hey I am getting serious about playing Queens of the Stone Age covers and composing originals in C standard tuning. (C,F,A#,D#). I recently bought single strings from a music store and if need be I could trade strings cuz I bought singles for custom gauges. I bought a .110 for the C, a .90 for the F, a .75 for the A# and a .55 for the D#. Thanks a lot and I really appreciate the help.
    P.S: Would I need any truss-rod,bridge,and nut adjustments, cuz they are very thick gauges for a very low-tuned Fender P-Bass.
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    Aug 26, 2003
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    I would have have bought a five string set and not used the .45 (G).

    It will have a nice, tight tension. Also raise the bridge saddles, tweak the truss rod a little, and re-intonate the saddles and you will be in business.