GB 410 Uber vs. GB 212 NEO vs. Acme 410

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  1. Hi there, total noob here so my apologies if I do something wrong, but here goes...

    I am getting back into playing after a few years off (other than in a worship setting) and I'm in a place where I am filling out my gear. I have a MB SD800 head, and I'm looking to get ONE CAB TO RULE THEM ALL... I already understand that this is not optimal, and I will likely fill out with next year's bonus, but this year's bonus is almost gone (home renos plus the MB head and a vintage LP Bass - money well spent!). I can probably put out about $400-500 for a cab, and after LOTS of review, this is what I've narrowed it down to. Oh, I should also mention that I play a variety of styles, so I'd like lots of headroom to keep up with metal shredheads or a 15-piece funk band, but not looking to play the Colosseum or whatnot. I mainly play a passive 5-str, and use some effects (Big Muff, Chorus, MicroSynth primarily). So, here's the gear I have my eye on (all used):

    Genz Benz Neox-212T - about $380. Pros - lightweight

    Genz Benz GB410-T-UB-4 - about $510. Pros - also lightweight, and gets pretty rave reviews

    ACME low B series ii 4X10 bass cab - about $450. Pros - supposed to be a monster!

    Thoughts/Recommendations? If there's something in this price range that I should consider, with neo speakers (because I'm old), would be glad to hear about it.
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    If you can get a 212t for that cheap then get that. That's a stellar price for that cab, and it sounds great. I haven't played the Uber, but the 212 is my main rehearsal cab, and I used two of them for about five years as my gig rig. They really shine in a mix.
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    GB gear is top notch and you can’t go wrong with their products.

    That said, I AM an Acme guy, four B2 2x10s, and they wonderful cabinets. they are a tad inefficient, one of the costs of accurately reproducing a Low B, so amplifier power becomes a factor to get them sounding their best. I gig with a pair of my B2s in a vertical 4x10 stack. I give them about 500W apiece from a Class D stereo power amp and they sound sublime. :)

    I would go an play through each of the offerings and see which one you like best.
  4. Do you think I'd have enough power with 750W @ 4 Ohms to do the Acme justice?
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    Genz gear is amazing. That Genz NeoX212 is, in my opinion, the best 2x12 on the planet and that include all the pricey boutique cabs. It's a 4ohm cab and all you will ever need. It's also lightweight. The Acmes are nice but very inefficient. They need a lot of unnecessary power and are not the lightest cabs.
  6. GAH... I missed out on the Neox 212, but I think I will wait for that. I have my BA115 for woodshedding, and I have a month before I'm playing live again. Thanks all for the input!
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    You just might but you would have to test it. As I said earlier I give 4x10s a kilowatt.
  8. I have an UBER 410. It is a 4 ohm cab (I think most of them are 4 ohms).

    - Looks great
    - Well built
    - Not as "mid-scooped" as some 410's
    - Flatter frequency response
    - Tweeter is a "softer" than some 410's, it sounds great
    - Powerful and efficient one cab solution
    - I like the corner handles (others do not)
    - Great value on the used market

    - Bulky compared to some of today's high output cabs
    - Although light for a 410 (72 lbs) it can be a handful to manage
    - 410 beaming

    I love my Uber, it seems to be off the radar; not too much buzz about them anymore but imo they are awesome! They have great tone, very powerful and you don't need big power to drive them (but it can take it if you do).

    Good luck
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  9. UPDATE - I was able to pick up a NEOX 212-T for $500 shipped to my home. Can't wait to get it!
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