GB Shuttle 3.0 - not impressed...

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  1. I had the chance to play through a GB Shuttle 3.0 last night - I A/B'ed it with a borrowed Peavey450 head - both run through my Carvin BRX10.2 Neo cab. Bass is an ESP LTD B204bm. Active EQ, set flat on the bass. I could NOT get a tone I was happy with out of the GB - which surprised me to say the least! This is the first class D amp I've played through. I thought it was quite 'honky' and a bit muddy. The Peavey by comparison was clear as a bell and seemed fatter. I played with eq till the cows came home, tweeter attenuation on the cab, pups and EQ on the bass, etc. Just couldn't get a sound I liked. Sorry - this is not a rant, but a question - is this head tonally similar to the other GB offerings? Say the more powerful Shuttles, or the ShuttleMaxes? If so, I will have to scratch them off my 'next head' list. Does anyone have any tips on these heads to coax a good sound out of them? My 'goal' is a hyrbrid modern/vintage tone. Bottom end, but clear with moderate (not scooped) mids and a present high end, but not shrill. Playing classic rock, blues, and a little bit of slap thrown in for fun :D
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    The 3.0 is a bit more on the "sterile" side with the lack of tube pre-amp. I would think the 6.0 or the Streamliner line might be more to your liking.
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    Well, first of all, getting any kind of tone that contains the description "vintage" in it with an active ESP bass is a tall order. I would argue that B-15 would have a hard time with it. Also, why didn't you tweek the knobs on your bass any? All amps react differently to different signals in the input section. Some amps are more "boomy" by nature while others are more "flat". A little noodle with the preamp on the bass goes a long ways.

    That being said. I own a Shuttle 6.0. While I like my Mesa Walkabout better for sure, I am able to get my passive Fender to sound plenty fat, round, and warm with the Shuttle (thought I will admit that the one little 12AX7 thrown in the middle of the circuit is pretty much useless and IMO for marketing purposes only). The combination of that bass and amp is very versatile. On the other hand, my active Ibanez BTB with Barts through the Shuttle in more of a one trick pony. It sounds plenty fine but leaning towards vintage it is not.

    You're asking a laser to do the job of a pocket knife. While both are effective cutting tools they are not designed to be used in the same way. Surely you don't expect any of us to be shocked that an active low to mid-level bass and a modern mid-level class D 300W head through a modern mid-level 2-10 speaker cab didn't get all warm and fuzzy for you, now are you?
  4. Look on the bright side! You didn't buy it and find it wasn't what you wanted :) Probably just not the sound you're looking for!

    - Jimmy Rage
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    Yeah, had a 3.0 briefly. Wasn't so bad when run at 4ohms but at 8ohms, that thing sounded horrible. Compressed hard when pushed totally killing my sound. I only used it for rehearsing but I didn't like the way it sounded. I have a 6.0. Different beast. I'd like to move up to a 6.2.
  6. Sorry - I should clarify I did work the bass's eq as well - to no avail. I've had no trouble getting a great variety of sounds out of my ESP - it's a very versatile pup/preamp combo for sure. With the Peavey 450 I run it flat - and the amp is virtually flat as well, with a little low end tweak is all - gets me a really nice versatile tone. My problem is I don't want to lug around that tank size of a head if at all possible! Thanks for the heads up on the 6.0 and up having a tube pre - I forgot that little detail! I won't write off GB yet - just the shuttle 3.0 :) Very glad I brought it home for a test drive before buying it :)
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    Geez, don't tell me this now - I just "won" one off eBay a couple hours ago LOL. Slightly used and $221 shipped didn't seem too bad?
  8. That seems good - they have them on Ebay for $275-295 new. The guy selling the one I played is trying to get $250. I'm kinda picky with tone - go into it with an open mind :) There is no doubt it's a well built, solid, and LIGHT amp.
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    Feb 18, 2004
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    I already have an MB200 and a Micro-VR in my "collection" of micro heads - always thought I'd pick up a Shuttle 3.0 when I could get one cheap enough. The other two were $250 each new...
  10. How do you like the GK? I really want to get a look at the MB500....
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    Those amps have a different voice than most bass amps. Not so much of a baked in sound, they're more flat. For most players I'd suggest starting with the low and high filters engaged and the mods boosted around 250. A lot of people are used to cutting the low mids, which leads to some misunderstanding of the EQ on the Shuttle heads.
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    Personally, I like the 3.0.
    Won't work for some players though.
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    Love the sound of the little MB200 . I'm told it sounds better than the MB500 - or at least different. Great "growl". Plenty loud enough into a single 8 ohm SVT210AV to need earplugs - two of those ought to be loud enough for most any stage. I haven't had a chance to try it into one of my 4 ohm 212MBE's yet.
  14. The 3.0 1x10 combo is my rig for "lite" gigs (acoustic guitar, and sometimes a mini drum kit), and it works like a champ.
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    Jul 3, 2004
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    I run the Shuttle 9.0 and like the sound I get thru my Berg AE212. It's very tweakable. I find myself really having to boost the lows and dial in the mids just right. The only other issue is that at times I find I'm running low on headroom because I like to push the tube pre to old-school-up the sound.
  16. thudfromafar

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    Dec 12, 2007
    It's my combo for jazz gigs, which includes a drummer, horn(s), and comping instrument(s). Almost always been enough.
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    Live and learn! Stick with that 1960 you have.
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    Not the most "Micro" head for sure :( !
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    Yep. Forgot about the filters. Did you try those?
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    you didn't try it like this.

    but really, it's all preference. i have nothin' but love for mine. not my only amp, but still not going anywhere, either.