GC "Used Gear Buying Event"?

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  1. I got an email promoting this Saturday as Guitar Center's "Used Gear Buying Event." I've pasted the full text below because it's really puzzling me: how is this different than what you can do any other day at GC? If it's really no different, this promotion is almost impressive in its worthlessness.

    Don't miss our used gear buying event this Saturday, Aug. 22, at Guitar Center. Come in to conveniently trade in or sell your used and vintage gear, with expert evaluations and up to $500 cash same-day. Anything beyond that will be paid with a check or Guitar Center Visa Prepaid Card.

    Once you arrive at the store, here's how it works:

    Check in with a sales associate to review what you have to sell or trade. Face masks or adequate face coverings are required for all customers and our associates while in our stores.

    While you check out the latest deals and new arrivals, the associate will assess your items based on condition, brand, recent sales and Guitar Center's current stock levels.

    Get paid with a check or Guitar Center Visa Prepaid Card.
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    You can anything an event. There was an event on my toilet this morning.
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    Dec 15, 2011
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    You can *make anything an event.
  4. It’s just their way of making people aware that the stores are back open, and say that if you’ve been thinking about buying or getting rid of some gear since the quarantine - then come see them. It’s nothing you can’t do on any other day.
    It’s called drumming up business.
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  5. Kind of a half measure, IMO. Good that they're trying to drum up some business and increase their inventory. But they aren't going far enough to bring people in.

    I suggest they offer greater discounts on new gear when you trade in. The customer has more reason to trade their gear in, it generates revenue, and it moves dead, low-margin inventory while bringing in fresh, used high-margin inventory. If customers don't have a great enough incentive to bring their gear in, the whole process breaks down.
  6. Agreed! That would be a reason to call it an event. One day only, receive 20% off new gear purchases when you sell your gear. They’d increase their used inventory and move a ton of merchandise with that.
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