G'day from FNQ Oz

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  1. G'day.

    Cliff Rogers from Minbun, (In the hills behind Cairns) FNQ Australia.

    Guitar Tragic, Defence force trained electronics tech, Ex Computer Tech, now work casual in retail a couple of days a week.

    Been playing guitar for 49 years.
    I bought a Bass 18 years ago & got disheartened by not being able to play it instantly.
    Picked it up again in 2014, got out a couple of books & started practicing every night for about 20 minutes.

    I'm not as good with the Bass as I am with a Guitar but I am now enjoying it.

    I have a Yamaha RBX760A 4 string Active & a Fender Aerodyne 4 PJ.

    I have more hobbies than I can do justice to but it keeps me out of the pub.

    I am a woodworker and have tried several different areas of the hobby, now interested in building instruments.
    I have modified a few, can do my own set ups & soldering, put together a couple of partcasters, have some prefab kits & a stack of timber, tools, templates & plans to have a go a scratch build.
    I stumbled in here looking for T-bird plans & found the Thunderbird Club.

    I saw a 5 String "Precision SG Bass" that also looked good to me but I am still looking for ideas.

    Life is just a leap of faith
    Spread your arms and hold your breath
    Always trust your cape
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  2. Malcolm35

    Malcolm35 Supporting Member

    Always trust your cape. Going to use that! Welcome.
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  3. Welcome from Arizona!!
    T-Bird sounds like a fun project for someone with the skills you have!!
    Looking forward to following your progress! Carl
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