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Gear advice needed

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by xring, May 14, 2006.

  1. xring


    Sep 16, 2003
    First I've searched, and found similiar posts, but not quite this exact dilemma.
    I'm struggling what to do here. My "secondary rig" consists of a KustomGroove 1200, BBE 362, Behringer MDX1400 compressor, rack tuner, rack power unit. I have a Sansamp BDDI and MXR M80 out front right now.
    I am considering the SA RBI rack unit which I would have to make room for. Question:
    Should I run the SA through the effects return-bypassing the pre, (no power amp "in" on the Kustom) or run the racked SA through the front input, keeping the 1200's pre in play which creates a problem hooking up my M80? I guess I could run the M80 to the SA, SA to the front input. (not convenient). I just want to make sure I could use the effects inputs on the RBI to keep the compressor and BBE in the loop.
    Option B: Sell the KG1200 and get a dedicated amp to use with the SA RBI pre...
    Option C: Get the RBI for my Ampeg rig (B4r) which has all the inputs needed and keep the pedals for the Kustom rig.
    I think if I sell the Kustom, and get a power amp, this rig may very well take over as my "A" rig over the Ampeg.
    Yes, a confusing post I know... but you are all smart enough to see past my rambling confusion right?:D
  2. anderbass


    Dec 20, 2005
    Phoenix. Az.
    If you spend the time to find the approiate settengs, the RBI can be conected in many ways.

    Inline to your amps normal input.
    Inline to the amps FX return jack. (this method bypasses your amps front-end).

    For the sound that I was seeking, my best results came from using the RBI in the FX loop. This method produced the thickest most tubeamp-like tone when used with my old SWR Bass-750 rig.

    Another option would be using the above method, then plugging the RBIs unaffected output, (clean guitar signal) to your normal FX chain and then into your amps normal input.
    With the right gain staging you could get a mix of your old setup and the RBI sound. (Note) This will be feeding the RBI with a input that has been through your amps front end and other FX.( this could be a good or bad thing).

    You could reverce this method, running the RBI into your front-end instead of the loop return. (this will be feeding your amps frontend and other FX, with a signal that has been through the RBI first).

    One other option would be close to the above method, but with a ABY pedal between your bass and the amps normal input and FX. The second ABY pedal output would go through the RBI into the FX return. (instead of using the RBIs unaffected output).
    This would get you two diferent foot-switchable sounds,(or both) and could be conected to the amp and your FX in many other ways.

    If your amp has two input channels you can use these for even more hookup options.

    Your old FX may work quite diferently used in conjuntion with the RBI.
    You may find that you dont need or want to use your BBE, compressor or any other added FX with the RBI.
    This unit produces a nice tone and compresses the signal very smoothly all by its self.

    On a budget the RBI is hard to beat, but I ended up wanting a better version of what the the RBI was doing for me.
    I got much better results with the real thing. (the type of amp I was trying to emulate). A tube amp.
  3. xring


    Sep 16, 2003
    These suggestions are much appreciated. Are you saying the RBI sounded best running in the effects loop normally, being used as an effect, or bypassing the pre (going into the return)? Would the effects loop on the RBI work normally for my other items (if I keep them) if I connect the RBI to the return? Thanks.

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