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    Dec 12, 2010
    (I wasn't sure where else to put this thread, so feel free to move it if you can think of a better home!)

    I'd like to pick the brains of a few of our Aussie bassists - ideally anyone who's based in Adelaide or Melbourne.

    Basically, the band has a good friend in Adelaide who is really keen to get us over there to play a few gigs and hopefully a festival. She visited us in London quite recently and we discussed the idea at length, and it seems we're currently looking to do this at some point in the first few months of 2014.

    My main question is about the possibility of hiring (or possibly buying) gear when we're over there. How easy is it to get hold of a bass, guitar, drums and amps - and possibly a PA depending on the venues? What are the prices like? Are there any particular stores you'd recommend we try first, or avoid like the plague?

    Similar secondary question with venues - are there any in particular that we should definitely try? Any that are notorious for driving away customers or ripping off musicians?

    And lastly, I've never been to Aus: any general advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi,

    I can't help you much, other than to say "good luck"! But, check out the "Ozbass forum" for some local advice re venues, backline rental etc.

    Big tip for English travellers to Australia is use sunscreen! Guitar straps on sunburned shoulders is seriously painful.