Gear for sale: Nady 2 channel Graphic Eq, Boss bass eq pedal, Zoom 506 Bass effects,.

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  1. I am moving to Los angeles from New Hampshire and must get rid of some of my studip equipment that I can no longer use without my band, and no more room for it.

    I have various adapters, cables microphones, eqs, and compressors for ssale.
    I have an rca five disk changer less then a year old for sale (brand new)

    I have an aiwa dbx pro double speed, dual cassette deck for sale two years old, Basically new rarely used, kept covered.

    I have vocal effects, sm58 microphone and rca splitters

    I have a nady dual channel eq(graphic) rackmountable for sale.

    Any one interested in any connectors, cables (xlr, Rca, 1/4 TRS) e-mail and I will tell you what I have, (basically two of everything in the radio shack catolog..) Keith
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    Jun 29, 2000
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    Hey dude, if you still have the Boss Bass EQ, I'm interested. I was wondering if you have the PSA-120 Boss power supply, and/or the daisy chain?