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SOLD Gear Sell Off! Goodwood Audio Bass Interfacer!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by SKennedy32, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. SKennedy32

    SKennedy32 Supporting Member

    Pedalboard 111917.2.jpg Xotic XBlender.jpg Ratified.jpg EBS Multidrive.jpg GW Bottom.jpg GW Front.jpg GW Left side.jpg GW Rightside.jpg GW Top.jpg

    Selling off some pedals, power supply and Goodwood Audio custom junction box.

    All prices are shipped and pp'd:
    • Goodwood Audio Custom Bass Interfacer (3 outputs) - $165
    • Diago Powerstation with Daisy Chain - $60
    • EBS Multidrive (Studio Edition) - $90
    • TU-2 Tuner - $55
    • Xotic X-Blender - $135
    • CMAT Mods Ratified - $60
    1. Goodwood Audio Custom Bass Interfacer - $165
    This thing is awesome. I worked with GW directly to have this made. Gives you the ability to run two lines out to FOH (clean and FX) and another mixed line to an amp. The mute switches on top for each channel. I used the X-blender to mix the two signals and send to an amp. The blended signal can also be sent to FOH if you are playing in a venue that only has one bass line.
    Why should you split your Bass signal into two lines? Effects like overdrive and fuzz will cut all the bottom end out of your tone, ruining what the bass is all about. Being able to have the full spectrum of your clean running in parallel with your effected signal gives you the texture of the overdrive or fuzz while still retaining the bottom end.
    Clean Mute – This foot switch will mute or un mute whatever effects you have placed in the clean send and return of The Bass Interfacer. This allows you to run only the pedals in your FX send and return or hit both footswitches to use as a master mute.
    FX Mute – This footswitch will mute or un mute whatever effects you have placed in the FX send and return of The Bass Interfacer. This allows you to run only the pedals in your Clean send and return or hit both foot switches to use as a master mute.
    Check out their website to see their other offerings.

    2. Diago Powerstation with Daisy Chain - $60
    Bought brand new earlier this year. The Diago Powerstation is the ultimate pedal board power supply. It will power from 1 to 30 pedals without noise or hum. The Powerstation uses high-tech digital switch mode technology, making it quiet, light, efficient, small and reliable. It effortlessly powers your pedals so that you can concentrate on making music. Each Diago Powerstation base unit comes with a Powerstation power supply with detachable cord; a daisy chain capable of powering six pedals and velcro.

    • Original Box
    • 6 pedal Daisy Chain
    • Velcro
    3. EBS Multidrive (Studio Edition) - $90
    Great overdrive for bass. Has velcro on bottom.

    4. Boss TU-2 Tuner - $55
    The most reliable tuner in the world. Has velro on bottom.

    5. Xotic X-Blender - $135
    I used this blender to send a mix clean and fx signal to an amp. It has a built in EQ and you can invert if running into phasing issues.

    6. CMAT Mods Ratified - $60
    This is a a great RAT clone. Sounds awesome on bass. Velcro on bottom.

    LM308n Chip
    Heavy Duty Aluminum Enclosure
    Durable powder coated finish
    Davies knobs
    Switchcraft jacks
    Alpha pots
    1% Metal Film Resistors
    Blue LED
    EH 3DPT true bypass switch
    Military grade wiring
    Hand picked and matched parts for tone and durability
    Works on a 9V Battery or Adapter
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
  2. SKennedy32

    SKennedy32 Supporting Member

    more photos added and price drop bump!
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