No longer available Geddy Lee Jazz Fender $700 shipped

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  1. ab2112

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    Jun 24, 2015
    MIM, ~9 lbs but feels light, balanced like a top, and with what I'm thinking *could* be a quarter-sawn neck (I don't know, check the pictures and correct me if I'm wrong). In good to excellent condition. Was likely from an earlier run with a serial number putting it at a 2012. Features original Leon Quann Badass II bridge. Neck is slim, but with a tad more "backbone" than a CIJ. Still smaller than my MIM Standard, but rock solid. Willing to negotiate discounts for local pickups.

    No "Rush" to sell, but also don’t be shy! Check comparable listings on Reverb (as of 06/17/20) to see this is a very fair price. This thing is an absolute gem. I have bought/sold many Geddys, check my feedback stats!

    $700 shipped CONUS only, PM me for local pickup price. Willing to deliver to Chicagoland area and lower/Southwest Michigan.

    No trades, please.

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  2. 123Nil


    Aug 29, 2015
    What makes this one, better than the other's ? You have sold ? Ive never owned, or played one of these..
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  3. ab2112

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    Jun 24, 2015
    Compared to two other MIM GLs I’ve owned, and many others I’ve tried, this one just feels better across the board to me. Lighter and more balanced, hotter and more defined pickups, better neck (look at the grain), tuners are solid, tight fit in neck pocket, etc.

    It’s not up there with American ones I’ve had the pleasure of owning or playing, but it’s easily on par with the Japanese models. I don't want to overhype anything here, but it's certainly one of the "good ones"
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