Geezer Butler signature pick ups

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    The Geezer P pickups into a P-bass? Shouldn't be anything to worry about.

    Other than if you want to convert to their solderless connections or cut those off and just solder the pickups in without changing everything else.

    I have a set coming for a Mikro. Just going to solder them in, pickups only, no other changes.
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  2. 60bass

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    I have to say that the tone control that comes with the Geezer set is the smoothest most wide range tone control I've ever used on a passive setup. Unless you're going active I'd give the stock tone control a try before you cut the wires.
  3. I have to say that the tone control that comes with the Geezer set is the smoothest most wide range tone control I've ever used on a passive setup. Unless you're going active I'd give the stock tone control a try before you cut the wires.[/QUOTE]
    Agreed, in my case it also was better than the stock Fender one ...
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  4. NoiseNinja

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    Feb 23, 2011
    No opinion regarding the smoothnes of the EMG tone control, never used neither it or the volume controls, so I soldered both my Geezers directly in parallel to the output of my Ibanez Mikro.

    Sounds absolutely amazing, and a huge improvement from the stock pickups.

    Especially the J pickup, since the stock J on the Mikro sounded rather lifeless and undefined while the P actually was quite decent.

    So much more definition, clarity, punch, growl, overall power and output as well as just general utter amazing brilliance coming out of the Geezers.
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  5. Well, guys, there are two gigs and rehearsal at studio left behind - after a short period of "wow" effect I feel like i'm lacking something in sound that I had with Harry Häussel pups. I'd describe it as GZR's are more like humbuckers - little muddy compared to pups i had in stock bass. A lot of low and low-mid frequencies and not that much air and crispiness that i like (but if you actually want metal zingy punch in your sound - those will work great).

    I would recommend those to fans of heavier stuff - rock/agressive funk/metal etc., they're loud, noise-free and very well made. But again IMHO - gonna switch back to Häussels. ;)
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    No one pickup is for everyone. That's why there's a lot of them available.
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    Thanks for the followup about your search for your sound. There are lots of Geezer fans here (I'm one of them), but I think it's useful to hear from people that end up not liking them. Especially when they describe why they didn't like them, as you just did. A good friend of mine who is a better bass player than I am recently tried EMG Geezer Butlers, on my recommendation. He said he didn't like them because they didn't put out enough bottom end. He switched to Nordstrands and now he's a happy camper.
  8. In effect the GZR are not a super lows oriented set of pickups ... they are a good compromise ... I was impressed and to be honest I was even more impressed by the power and clarity of the AX series of active P pickups .. super clear and crispy, modern, lots of headroom ... atomic pickups ... but I couldn't install them in my P bass because of thd routing required for the battery ... so I reverted to the GZR and I am very satisfied anyway being these guys passive ! Good job EMG !
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  9. Would'e?


    Mar 27, 2007
    Dropping in a P/J set of Geezers is the latest upgrade I've done to my Peavey DE Scorpio. (This follows upgrades to Hipshot Ultralight Tuners, to a Hipshot bridge, and to Schaller strap locks.) The Geezers replace the stock SD QPs. The SDs sounded really good, but were far too noisy in the studio. The Geezers are silent and similarly aggressive, but with a bit less bite and a bit more grunt as someone eloquently phrased it earlier in this thread. They are better balanced from string to string as well. All in all this is a significant improvement. The bass sounds massive and I can't wait to try it in a band situation.

    IMG_1200.JPG FullSizeRender.
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  10. sbpark

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    May 26, 2010
    I installed a GZR into my 2004 CIJ Fender Precision tonight. Night and day difference compared to the stock CIJ pickup. More clarity, punch and definition, but still has a classic tone. Only other pickup I really have much experience with is the Fender "Original" '62, and while I thought that pickup was all I'd ever need, it seems, at least in the honeymoon phase, that the GZR is just a more pleasing and richer sounding pickup. More better! Seems like it will be a really versatile pickup. The icing on the cake was the ease of install and the fact that the pots and jack are all included. For the price of admission it's a killer deal.
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  11. Has a an you ne compared these to the aguilar AG60 P?

    Looking for a classic vintage P pickup

    Thuby.and cocoa
  12. Hi, yes - Aguilar are pretty quiet compared to EMG's. Geezer's have a lot of low-end and low midrange while Aguilar are more focused on mids. A lot of people seem to like Agi's but I wasn't very impressed actually
  13. Will S.

    Will S.

    Jul 1, 2015
    Just finished installing the GZR in my new American Pro P, along with a fresh set of Chromes. Super easy, I've never done any thing like this before and it took me about 40 minutes. The pickup is super gutsy, mid focused, and piano like. That's what I look for in a Precision (I've got my J for polished sounding stuff) so I'm extremely pleased so far. Still in the honey moon phase so I'll post a full review in a couple weeks. This thread was super helpful, thanks everyone!
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    that is a beauty!
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  15. Will S.

    Will S.

    Jul 1, 2015
    Thanks so much! It's nice to have it sounding as good as it looks now.
  16. cazclocker

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    Is that the Olive color I've been hearing about recently? Whatever color that is, I like it! And the simple white PG goes with it nicely. Oh, and congrats on the new EMG...!
  17. Will S.

    Will S.

    Jul 1, 2015
    Thank you! It is the olive color, I wasn't sure how it would look with ordering it online but it's beautiful in person.
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  18. JimmyM


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    Very cool! And having AB'd a stock AmPro with one of my Geezer loaded basses a couple weeks ago, you totally did the right thing by replacing the pickup! I mean, it's not horrible, but it's not nearly as good.
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  19. Will S.

    Will S.

    Jul 1, 2015
    Yeah the stock pickup lasted all of about 5 minutes. Not bad, just very bland. The Geezer is superior in every way for my tastes.
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  20. silky smoove

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    May 19, 2004
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    Has anyone done an A/B comparison of Geezers and any of the active EMG P offerings (P, PX, PAX, PA, etc.)? I have a pair of Geezers (both in a reverse configuration) in a Fenderbird bass, and I was surprised to find how mellow they are tonally. I shouldn't have been given the Bobby Vega 60s pickup they were modeled after, if memory serves, but I was hoping for something a little more snarly and aggressive for this particular bass. I'm wondering if ditching the Geezers and going for something like a PX would be better suited to the goals of this bass, which is exclusively for when I want a more rock-oriented tone than my other basses gravitate towards.