Geezer Butler tone

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by decadence, Sep 13, 2001.

  1. I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions for strings to get a Geezer Butler-ish tone. IE: Bouncy mids...check out Fairies Wear Boots by Black Sabbath to hear what I'm talking about.
  2. I believe Geezer used Rotosound Strings during early Sabbath era.
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  3. ColdYinTiger


    Jul 15, 2000
    Columbus, OH
    Go with Rotosounds anyways, I got a set of swings on my bass and I love them. They are very versitile in my opinion. I can get a good Sabbath sound when I want to out of them, try screwing with your eq too.
  4. brewer9


    Jul 5, 2000
    Crank your mids to 11 and let 'er rip!
  5. Thank you very much :)
    And I shall give your regards to SR :)
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  6. camoe


    Sep 7, 2001
    Lafayette, CO
    In addition to using a certain string, I would suggest plucking near the neck as geezer does to emphasize his p bass tone.