Geezer on The Devil You know

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    great tone, great playing, best sabbath record since Heaven and Hell IMO. But what was Geezer playin on this record? Its great tone for sure and Im a little curious. I saw him with some laklands in the studio i believe, but I also know he is a big P endorsee, so does anyone have the scoop on his amps, basses, and effects that he used on the record?
  2. When I saw H+H live, Geezer played a Bob Glaub (with extra J pickup at the bridge) and a Joe Osborn. He also wheeled out a Decade for the encore of Neon Knights, which was nice.:hyper:

    On the making of DVD he's seen using a Darryl Jones 5 string, to my ears the album sounds like a bass with JJ pickups so I'd assume it's between the Jones and the Osborn.

    He's used Ampeg for a very long time.