Gen Benz Shuttle 3...huge disapointment.

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  1. Don't want to start an argument here I just wantsd to offer my personal experience to other who, like myself until recently, have no means to try out a Genz Benz Shuttle.

    I was very excites qhen I ordered mine, plenty of power and weighed next to nothing unfortunately IME the tone reflected the size. Playing it through both the the GB 10" cab it came with and my Mesa Powerhouse 410 I was unable to get any "balls" out of it. The mids and treble were VERY present which isn't a bad thing but it seems like the low end was put on the back burner. AB'd against my Hartke HA3500 it couldn't hold a candle to the full, bassy sound from the Hartke. In addition, as soon as any kind of overdrive or fuzz was introduced the red light light on the head would blink as if were literally going to explode and destroy half my house.

    This is just my experience but having ordered the amp online out of necessity I promptly returned it 3 days later. I may have been doing something wrong? Who knows, just a word for any curious players out there who are stuck with one severely understocked Guitar Center to provide us with our instruments and amps.
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    I play it all. Whatever works for the gig. Q+
    Im not sure how much "balls" you expect to get from a 110 cab? Curious..
    410 Ok i see that

    Depending on your Gain structure, you will have different results...
    Any amp if you overdrive the INPUT will give you a red LED.. that is different than and has no real correlation to the output volume? clip LED...

    We need more info.. Settings. etc... Bass used... Music playing We need more info.. Amp settings. ect...
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    I use my 3.0-10t all the time as my onstage monitor. Works great and weighs next to nothing. If the OP would have posted before he sent it back myself and others could have offered suggestions on EQ settings etc.
  4. Try the 'prefferred' -by many- settings- bass 11 o'clock, mid-2 o'clock, mid freq- 7.30, treble-11(or to taste), low boost button- on, mid scoop-on, treble boost-off
    Works 4 me-Shuttle 6.0
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    I - and my main "rival" - have used these for years for jazz gigs and a a monitor for other gigs with PA supper. I also use a 110 extension can to get a little more sound/ low end and the full 300 watts from the head.

    I like it a lot. I sometimes miss a tube as I am liking that sound lately, but I love GB stuff.

    I usually run mine bass at 1:00, mid frequency all the way counter clockwise and mid level at 1:00 and treble at noon.

    I have Ben trying a BDDI for a while and I like the idea of what it ads, but not the BDDI itself. Still searching...
  6. It was just sterile soundng to my ears, not very full. Granted, I run my HA3500 with the tube pre almost dimed so that may be part of it, the GB just couldnt get close enough to the Hartke's sound for me.
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    diff strokes. my 3.0 sounds great with every cab i've owned, including the 10T combo. one of the best amps ever for me.
  8. Well, my 6.0 HAS a tube pre, so maybe it sounds a li'l diffrrent to the 3.0?? I ain't tried the 3.0
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    I never played through a 3.0 but I have owned a 6.0 f a 9.0 and currently use a SL900. I can't imagine a GB amp with bad tone.
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    The 3 has as much low freq output as the Hartke, but you may have to tweak the eq. As far as tube grit is concerned, you can't have that without a tube or a tube simulating circuit. That has absolutely nothing to do with the weight of the head.
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    The 3.0 is a different tone, but I like it. As I said before, I dray try something else because I am kind of into the "tube/grit" thing now that I'm playing a passive jazz. Seems to fit better. When I played active 5's I kind of liked the clean, Gigi tones.
  12. I went to extremes just out of curiosity and maxed out the bass eq knob, swept. The mids more towards the lows, as well as engaged the Low Boost and STILL didn't get close to the bass of the Hartke.

    I think it was just too "hifi" sounding for me. I think that my tastes may be more geared towards the old school.
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    I use mine for rehearsal and small venues that have tricky load-ins. It sounds a little muddy with my Godin A5 fretless (piezo) but my AV '57 and Classic '50s P both sound great through it. For bigger jobs I match two 10T G-B boxes to a Mesa/Boogie Walkabout and get a tone to kill for.

    I have two friends who use G-B Shuttles, both of them 6.0: one has the 12T and plays EUB, and the other has the 210T and uses a Jazz Bass. Both sound excellent.

    Your bass may be a poor match for the Genz-Benz.

  14. Also very possible, I use a G&L Tribute L-2500 but in my current band I play downtuned and need a really aggressive sound...I haven't seen too many GBs being used with overdrive or in a hardcore/punk setting. Maybe theres a reason for that.
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    Apr 15, 2006

    Maybe you are referring more to tube grind than bass, because with the eqing you described above, you should have nuttin' but fat lows, assuming your cab can handle them. Or maybe the amp is broken????
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    I play it all. Whatever works for the gig. Q+
    The Title of the thread that you selected to use is high SUBJECTIVE and sort of a Flame...:rollno: Just sayin..
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    Maybe. The OP is entitled to his opinion I guess. Although as much as I love mine, you have to match your expectations and the product.. There's only so much a 110 can do - even a Genz Benz.
  18. Not a I said repeatedly in my first post in my experience it was disappointing. Please don't try to make this thread something its not.
  19. I agree with you about the limits of a 110, in fact I even plugged my Hartke into the 10" cab and it sounded great. If they're other cabs are that good then Ill be among the first to say that Genz Benz makes one hell of a cab. The amp just didn't do it for me. Oh well.