Gene Simmons says you can only be heard if you play with a pick

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by lermgalieu, Feb 25, 2022.

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  1. PeteCarlton


    Jan 20, 2019
    That would be guilt by association.
  2. fessSto


    Feb 11, 2020
    I think this might have to do more with who's mixing the sound. If I am playing through my amp in a club setting my bass always cuts through and I play fingers 95% of the time. However, when I play on a silent stage direct to the board, depending on who is engineering, I have received feedback that they can't hear my bass nor is it easy to discern on the recording.
  3. 640px-Paul_McCartney_live_in_Dublin.jpg
    It works for this guy....

    One of my less well known pick playing Bassists is Bill "the Electric" Church. He played for Van Morrison in '71 on "Tupelo Honey" and '72 "Saint Dominic's Preview." Montrose first album, then when Sammy left after Ronnie Montrose went to do Edgar Winter Group "They Only Come Out at Night" he regrouped with Hagar in '76, until Sammy was hired by Van Halen in '85.

    I also really like listening to Bobby Vega play. Check his cred...Bo Diddley, Sly Stone all the Bay area groups..his pick playing is off world!

    Jameson was an upright player, never heard of a pick. Carol Kaye was a guitarist first. Times change....
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  4. Greywoulf

    Greywoulf Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2000
    Freehold, NJ. USA
    Agree strongly!! -Stupid, ridiculous, immature kid culture! :spit: Fine for screaming children maybe, but IMO Kiss's music, moronic antics, (and Simmons' :vomit: opinions) have never grown out of the kiddy-bopper stage of life.. :rolleyes:
    Play with your fingers or a pick, whatever you like. And be an adult and have nice conversations with your band and/or sound guy if you don't think you're being heard... -Maybe you both need to change something? :cool:
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  5. Planetguitar


    Feb 25, 2022
    Funny, I got a pick of his from the Animalize tour. It was a relative medium or light. I’m gonna look this up because the pic was light gray with some grip on it, were you hold it with your finger and thumb was a little bit thicker than where you take the strings. Let me take a look and I’ll post it to this thread.
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  6. Squirey


    Mar 7, 2018
    Ha ha. I always wondered why Jaco was so hard to hear. Oh … wait.


    Jul 14, 2021
    A pick definitely makes it brighter with a sharper attack. Sometimes I use steel picks on bass for really bright sound.
  8. timplog

    timplog Supporting Member

    Jul 18, 2016
    santa fe, new mexico
    that's ok-I always wondered how anyone could play well in all that gear, pick or no. maybe....
    I think bassists who play percussively with their fingers can pretty much cut through the mix as easily as a pick but my mileage may not be YMMV.
    plus it seems to me that many bassists, or bands, or songs want the bass to be this sort of not quite definable low end ambiance generator that doesn't get in the way.
    which is of course perfect, too.
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  9. ThudThudThud


    Jun 4, 2010
    Does Gene know about this part of his amp?
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  10. The Hook 1988

    The Hook 1988

    Oct 7, 2019
    Sometimes true of beginners that use a pick. Apparently he doesn't have my fingers or my thumb.Cuts through as well as a pick if thats what I want. I may on occasion use a pick to create a particular tone or vibe, but doesn't change the mix.
  11. Just dig in a little harder, Gene. They'll hear you just fine.
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  12. When it comes to marketing your band , Gene is the mench, as for playing bass….. crickets can be heard in the room, lol
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  13. megwell69


    Aug 16, 2020
    I've always heard Geddy in the mix without a pick. If a person knows how to EQ their rig there shouldn't be an issue IMO
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  14. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    Aug 29, 2004
    Worcester, Mass

    Respectfully, :laugh: even though I'm mainly a fingerstyle player, picks do make a bass sound more defined. I mean my playing can definitely be heard and is defined but when I use a pick it's even clearer. I like both styles and play both styles.
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  15. It doesn’t matter. Chris Squire used a pick, Geddy Lee uses his fingers. Both had volume, nuance and definition. Gene is a very shrewd businessman, but not much of a bassist.
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  16. Agreed. And who care what Gene Simmons, of all people, has to say about anything?
  17. Robot.G

    Robot.G Supporting Member

    Mar 12, 2015
    West Michigan
    I wonder how many of us might not realize that Gene is actually our biological father?
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