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Generic new rig thread (with pic!)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Pantsman, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. I've finally got myself a rig worthy of its own thread! Being a University student who owns a car has meant I've had to wait and look hard for a rig I could afford, Australian gear prices hasn't helped.

    As for the details, pretty simple, stock OLP MM3 (which is getting replaced with the new Squier Jazz V) into Behringer V-amp Pro then into a Warwick Profet 5.1 and finally into one of my Trace Elliot 1518's. I have another of these cabs, but the older 200watt model, its just that my brother got it off ebay for me but wont let me have it till i pay the money i owe him :p so that cab should be here in a little over a month. :hyper:

    I still need a nice 6U rack case, a BBE sonic maximizer, a nice distortion pedal and whatever else gives me GAS ;) OH! and I really need to restore both the cabs, they've seen better days.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that the thing i like best about this rig is the price, the cabs were AU$130 and AU$275 a peice, the amp was $550 brand new, the behringer was $100 and the bass AU$500 (bit too expensive for what it is, but I've learnt my lesson in buying basses from this)

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  2. thebean


    Jan 23, 2007
    its a very nice rig man
  3. I might have to post this in the "show your budget rig" thread to get some love ey?
  4. BassikLee

    BassikLee Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 13, 2004
    Deltona, FL
    Owner: Brevard Sound Systems
    I have a thought, and a question. Thought: don't bother with the BBE. Question: given a bass V-amp Pro, why do you think you need a distortion pedal??
  5. Well, I've tested my rig with and without a BBE and I can certainly tell the difference, I find that it cleans up my low end and give me the punch I want. As per the distortion pedal, I don't particularily like the distortions built into the V-amp, the only effect I use is the Synth. The V-amp is more for making some demo CD's and as pre-amp for my future bi-amped rig, I love the amp models it has.
  6. BassikLee

    BassikLee Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 13, 2004
    Deltona, FL
    Owner: Brevard Sound Systems
    Worx for me. I can certainly tell a difference too with the BBE, and my choice was not to use one, anywhere. They do make a nice paperweight, however.... As for the V-amp, have you played with all the various distortion options and found nothing that works??
  7. myhot4


    Jul 11, 2006
    Sydney Australia
    Wow. Where did you get a Warwick profet for $550 new?
  8. Well its a strange thing actually, I walked in there and asked for a Profet 3.1 cause thats all I could afford. I know the guys who work there and they're great guys, so I asked to buy the 3.1 and Barry came out with a 5.1, I corrected his mistake, but he said it was OK and that i could get the 5.1 for $550. I only paid $300 and he still let me take it home and come in the next friday and pay the rest.

    Love ya Barry :D
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