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Gentle on My Mind

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by ElectroVibe, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. ElectroVibe


    Mar 2, 2013
    Has anyone ever heard the story of how this was recorded? Glen Campbell had the bass player play the first verse and chorus in one rhythm, and then changed it after that, in the middle of the song.

    I've heard a live version where he chose the second rhythm for the entire song. But I like the way it sounds when it changes on the popular version.

    Supposedly the record company released it that way prematurely, without his permission. But I really like it.
  2. swooch


    Jun 30, 2005
    Hadn't heard the song before but I also thinks it makes for a nice build-up.
  3. ElectroVibe


    Mar 2, 2013
    Yes, I really like how it sets up the more "country" beat. It makes a nice contrast. But I would like to hear how it sounds with just the first beat, too.
  4. chadhargis

    chadhargis Jack of all grooves, master of none Supporting Member

    Jan 5, 2010
    Nashville, TN
    GREAT song. I love playing my P bass with a little palm mute and a pick with the tone rolled way off. Not the same tone as the recording, but a "tick tack" feel sounds great.
  5. BurnOut

    BurnOut It's The Billy Baloney Show Supporting Member

    Feb 1, 2015
    The Natti
    Thanks, you just cost me $1.29 on iTunes. Really $2.58 cause I got Wichita Lineman while I was at it. Great tunes.

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